Any views on the De La Hoya vs. Merriweather fight comming up?


Barney Ross vs Jose Napoles. Who wins?

Well if you are looking for a view, here is mine. My centimemntal favorite had to be De La Hoya and i also think that he is a good fighter. Mayweather on the other hand is cocky and arrogant. I am pulling for De la Hoya in this one...

Who will win between manny pacquiao and erik maroles this november?

mayweather in 10 rounds, De La Hoya is DONE!

Anyone see 24/7 mayweather delahoyas?

this fight is really fishy... could go either way, lots of money, lots of media coverage=wrong people get involved

Where can i watch de la hoya and mayweather fight in los angeles?

merrither will have his way with Delahomo

I would love to see shane mosley vs Hopkins?

You know what there is no way that De La Hoya can hang with Merriweather De La Hoya is not in the same class as Floyd Merriweather De Le Hoya won,t win a round and if he is smart he will box and stay on his bicycle if not he will get knocked out in 9 rounds De La Hoya was never that good any way and history will show that he never beat anyone he should not have beaten and he has been given a couple of wins that everyone knows he lost Parnell Whitaker nuff said

Is Lenoox Lewis top 5 all-time heavyweight?

i like the fact that oscar can tone up now because he doesnt carry that middlewieght size good. he should have never fought those bigger guys.. so respect him..
but mayweather is a more complete boxer and almost flawless.
a younger 130 pound oscar was the only chance.

In a 15 round fight, who wins between Milton McCrory and Marlon Starling?

Oscar wins by decition, maywether will run most of the figth, Oscar is strnger Maywather it's a bit faster but Oscar is pretty fast to it will be a boring figth just wait not what we all expect

What gives you a stronger fist punch?

As much as I respect Mayweather, I can't picture him getting past De la Hoya. Oscar is just too big, too smart, and hasn't let himself get hurt enough to show as much of the effect of age as other fighters have experienced. Of course, there's always the chance of an upset, which I suppose is why we'll be getting the pay-per-view. I don't really expect any surprises, though. ;-D

Thomas Hearns vs Michael Moorer at 175 (light heavy).?

Who's Merriweather?

Can Audley Harrison win a world title?

Mayweather should win but De La Hoya has gotten some controversial wins in his career, more that the average fighter.

Thomas Hearns Vs. John "The Beast" Mugabi, who wins? (at 154)?

mayweather is to fast for de la hoya.. i think were seeing a serious beating in the making. 6 rounds tops

Azumah Nelson vs. Brian Mitchell who wins?

I think Mayweather will get it. Really, all I think DelaHoya brings to the table is a credible name. Sorry Oscar.

Who would win in a fight between Ray Winstone and Ross Kemp?

If everyone thinks Mayweather can beat Mosely, why is his beatining De La Homo so hard to believe? Anytime De La Homo "steps up" he gets knocked down. He can never win "the big one".

How much is Mayweather and Del La Hoya receiving for the fight?

Oscar is to big to technically sound. Mayweather will not get past that jab.

Anybody here who believes that Dela Hoya won the fight?

I would love to see De La Hoya win i can't see passed Mayweather, If the fight was 3 years ago i would say Oscar but time has court up with him and he will not be able to with stand Mayweathers supior power.

Mayweather in 5 rounds (sorry Oscar)

Pacyaw and morales fight?


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