Acelino Freitas vs. Juan Diaz who will win this weekend?

Question:There is a great fight this weekend, The Brazillian Bomber vs. the Chicano Brawler.any thoughts?

Most everyone in the fantasy league is picking Diaz! Pop in your Prediction in the league, its free! Everyone is putting in their .02 cents.

mannydapimp 5-4 ( 1 KOs ) 115 points Juan Diaz - Decision
going to have to go with youth in this fight. Acelino isn't the young bomber he was a few years ago, although i don't think the baby bull has the pop to drop frietas. I see this going all 12 with the win to Diaz.

Suave 7-2 ( 0 KOs ) 147 points Acelino Freitas - Decision
Popo should take an early but gas out like always. However, I can't see Diaz outboxing or hurting Popo.



The blogbaba thinks Freitas has one more good fight left in hm, Acelino is going to suprise a lot of people.

Freitas by decision.

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diaz hands down in 5

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If I'm wrong I will eat my shoe, but I say the better boxer will win.

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Juan Diaz wins by KO. Diaz has the best motor in boxing. What he lacks in power he makes up for in volumn. Freitas will not be able to deal with Diaz's constant pressure. The knockout will occur late in the fight.

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This would be a tough contest. Diaz can slug it out, and he can also box. He is a balanced fighter. freitas, on the other hand, relies on his will and power to win fights. He also has speed. Diaz is more precise with his shots, Freitas throws in bunches, too. Freitas would have the edge in power and speed. Diaz would have the edge in stamina, chin, and defense.
I see the early rounds being slow and without too much action. Diaz would keep his distance from Freitas. Freitas would feel out Diaz and look for an opening. In the middle rounds, Freitas would turn up the action and start landing some flush shots. I see Diaz countering often. He will keep his distance and outbox Freitas. He will win the majority of the middle rounds. In the later frames, Diaz will rely more on his defense and keep his distance from Freitas. Eventually, Freitas will catch Diaz with combinations. I see Freitas coming alive and sweeping the championship rounds. Ultimately, I think a split/majority decision would decide the outcome of the fight. This fight can go either way, but I think Freitas would come away with it.

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Acelino Freitas has more power, but baby bull has good combinations. Tough fight but Freitas with a late knockout or SD.

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