"Sugar" Shane Mosley vs. Felix "Tito" Trinidad @ 147?


If Dele Hoya could not handle Mosely's speed what makes people think he can handle Floyd's?


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Gotta go with Shane. He dispatched De La Hoya at that weight, I imagine the same scenario plays itself out here.

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i think tito is overrated, but he pulls this one out.

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Tito wins

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Mosely -lot of fire still left in the tank

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Prime to prime, I'd say Tito would pull out the victory via a split decision. Trinidad has more power. Mosley has more chin and speed. I think it would be a great fight with a fast pace. Mosley will have his moments and maybe outbox trinidad for several rounds. It would be very close.
If this fight were made today at that weight, Mosley would defeat Trinidad by unanimous decision. Tito is aging and he isn't the same fighter we once knew. Mosley would now have the advantage since he is active.

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I would also pick Mosely. Tito is too one-dimensional. If you take away his best weapon, he's lost like a fish out of water. Hopkins and Winky proved that.

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This would have been a good fight, but Shane would have been too fast for Trinidad. Shane wins by UD.

Tito never really possessed boxing skills. He's always been a slugger. This was exposed by Winky. When Tito couldn't muslce Winky, he had no other skills to rely on.

Also, think about how Tito had trouble coping with De La Hoya at 147 because of Oscar's speed and power. Oscar gave him a boxing lesson, and we all know Oscar won that fight. Well, Shane was a lot faster and alot stronger than Oscar at that weight. So, Shane would have probably outboxed Tito in a similar fashion.

Agree or disagree?

Tito Trinadad couldn't make 147 if you cut off one of his arms

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