Any thoughts about Larry Merchant possibly being let go?

Question:Hmmm, i wonder if this is good or bad...I kinda like merchant eventhough hes cranky at times he keeps it real.


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Yeah I agree that he is entertaining. He certainly isn't afraid of throwing out the questions that the fighter doesn't want to hear and he usually ties a couple odd stories in to make an amusing conclusion to a fight. I think he will still be visible in the boxing world as someone will pick him up somewhere...maybe FOX or something. Max Kellerman definitely knows his boxing. He is like a little kid so excited to be there and calling the fight and I think he is a fitting replacement. I'll miss some of the far out zaney Merchantisms but Max was great on Friday Night Fights on ESPN2 and I think he will blend in well with the HBO crew. Thanks for the heads up I didn't hear anything about that till now.

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Personally i like Teddy Atlas better

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He runs his mouth to much. He would not be missed if he was let go..

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Merchant is a boring , Teddy Atlas is the best out there and George Foreman does a good job because they do not have biases against certain fighters. Merchant is nothing more than loud mouth who suggested that fighter stand and let another fighter hit him, how dumb is that to suggest. Let him go because we would not even heard of him without HBO

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The Don Imus thing has spread. For years Larry Merchant has been the most obnoxious ringside commentator in boxing. Back before Big George Forman saved him and Lampley from the irate crowd at Madison Square Garden after the Bowe/Golota riot, both of them talked to Big George in a manner that made Don Imus seem polite. I was mazed George didn't crush both of their insulting @sses, but George was cultivating a new image and they got away with it. Back then Lampley was worse than Merchant but after George saved them they treated the big guy like gold. I confronted him (Lampley) about it one time shortly after George KOed Moorer but "Lamps" blew it off. I honestly think boxing would be better off without both of them.

Agree or disagree?

NOOOO, never let Larry go. Its so much fun.watching him get more and more sauced as the fight goes on. By the time the time he gets to the end of the fight...hes totally sh*tfaced.

SO hammered in fact...he loses his points in his own anologies after the end of the fights...which make NOO sense at all.

LARRY: "Jim, Floyd is like a butterfly with a machine gun. He flips, he flutters *hiccup*..but beyond his beauty is a veteran of war. He fires his guns, with his beautiful colored wings..*long pause because he lost his point*...and he won tonite"

JIM: "ooooooKAY"

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I dont personaly like larry merchant i think that its time for him to pack his s*** up and get the F*** out. He is a homer and I lost all respect for him during the Samuel peter vs. James toney fight 1.

You've just come back after judging from ringside the upcoming De La Hoya v Mayweather bout, So what happend.

Best news I've heard today. Better news if he takes Lampley with him.

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Wonderful! He was turning into an old angry buzzard anyway! I don't really care for hbo's boxing team period, to be honest. I like showtime's boxing team of Al Bernstein and Steve Albert much better. And i also like Joe Tessitore and Teddy Atlas of Espn. They're pretty damn good. Nice question, and it gave me an idea to post one similar, thanks!

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