Any Manny Pacquiao fans here?

Question:First off, damn that was a good victory! 3rd round heart is still beating just thinking about that

Second, I heard that he's recorded some songs back in the Philippines. So is he a good singer?


Barrera y Márquez who won?

sorry to say that he doesn't have a nice voice ;-) Good victory indeed!

Superfight! Khasosai Galaxy 50-1-0 44 kayo's vs Ricardo Lopez 50-0-1 37 kayo's. Who wins?

lets put it this way...if it wasnt for his boxing his singing career has no future :).what made the pacman's performance even more amazing is that he had fever and tonsilitis when he entered the ring...truly one of the greatest fighters in all respects

Who will win between?

Yeah Pac is muli-talented. he sings and write songs, play guitar, a billiard master and plays basketball too. he's a brilliant man.

What does MVOA stand for on David Tuas trunks?

yes, he's even released an album here and plans to make a christmas album. :) i'm a filipino and it makes me damn proud to be one after that 3rd round KO! :D manny's showing what we are made of! yea!

Mayweather vs. De La Hoya?

Yeah, he's okay

Will every boxer become slow and messed up and talk funny like ali,tyson?

Viva las Islas Filipinas ! Manny Pacquiao added another laurel of victory not only for himself but to all filipino people around the world...not only to the filipinos but for all boxing fans around the world. Manny can sing a tune...but a good singer...honestly not.

Harry Wills vs Sonny Liston. Who wins?

He's so good in boxing but he sure can't sing. Pacman rules the ring.

Who won the HBO boxing event, Mosley v. Vargus on 7/14/06?

Thanks for that..hahaha...Filipinos can sing of course. Manny is not the best singer but he is the best boxer we have these days and knows how to handle his wealth. I admire his simplicity and his excellence inside the ring.

According to W Klitschko is fighting Calvin Brock this november. Who wins?

My throat is still sore from loudly chanting:

And yeah, he did. I will not compare him to professional singers because he's not. So, he's an OK singer.

Is it possible to parry a hook?

He thank God he won.

Will nicky cook beat scott harrison??

I am, Totally!

Roy Jones Jr. vs James Toney II at Heavyweight in or around the year 2002?

billiards, boxing, singing. You also forgot he's a pro when it comes to his fighting roosters (in the philippines of course).

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