Ali Trivia; Can you answer this ?

Ali the only fighter in history to win a round without ever throwing a punch! Who was it that he fought and accomplished this feat against?


Who won the fight between manny and morales fight? Grand finale??

Willie Pep did this years ago, although I don't remember who he was fighting.

Do you obey The Ring's version of the Champion per division? Why or why not?

I want to say Liston, but i might be mistaken

Mohammed Ali the boxer is he dead?

U.S. government

Who would win Leila Ali or Sylvester Stallone?

If your thinking about the Liston fight, when Ali somehow got something in his eyes, He didn't throw a punch for the first half of the round but he won the last part of the round.
The only fighter to ever win a round without throwing a punch wasn't Ali it was Willy Pep

Who has/had the most potent right cross in boxing?

You should give Turbo the best answer, he is completely correct.

The stig from top gear??


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