"If Ellis dreams he beats me he better wake up and apologize."?

Quote from Muhammad Ali before his fight with Jimmy Ellis in the summer of '71. How important is confidence to a boxer/fighter and why is it important?


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I think confidence is one of the most important things a boxer can have if not the most important, if you dont believe in your own ability there is no point getting in the ring because you have probably lost before you start.
I do however think that a lot of the stuff Ali said was mind games, i know he was a supremely confident person and so he should of been but when he was making comments about Foreman boxing like an Egyptian mummy or when he was calling Frazier names it was more about throwing them off their game than exuding confidence and he was probably the greatest at that as well.

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If you're not confident as a boxer, you will tend to not utilize techniques effectively. But don't confuse trash talking with confidence. Some people talk trash to hide their fear.

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I can't believe he plagiarized Joe Louis who said that to him when they were kidding each other about who would have beaten whom if both fighters were at their peak. I would think confidence is everything, or maybe it's the opposite perceivable fear is the kiss of death.

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As I explain to people all the time that cockiness, arrogance and confidence are a part of greatness. Take that away from Ali, Jordan or Tiger and what do you have.

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Confidence is one of the most important things a fighter can have. If he's not sure of himself, he'll flinch with every feignt. He'll be too tense and waste energy. His mind won't be clear enough to outthink his opponent.

An example of this would be Julio Cesar Chavez after his fight with Pernell Whitaker. It was the first blemish on his record, and the negative public attention helped him to lose a lot of his confidence. This is one of the things that led to his loss to Frankie Randall the following year. It took him a few years to really gain back his edge in the ring. There are really a lot of examples of this, though, since a fighter's career can so easily be ruined once he loses his confidence.

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