A.b.a. boxing mach on tv alf matthews 1961?

boxing on tv


Jack Dempsey vs. Jim Jeffries, who wins?

If it was on tv it would have been on the Beeb, e-mail them to check their archives, its unlikely it was on the telly but it could possibly have been broadcast on the radio.

I saw Alf Matthews fight as a pro a few times in the mid-late 60's, he was a decent fighter. He fell of the radar after a few loses though, does anyone know what happened to him?

Since the Cotto/Margarito fight is no more It looks like Cotto is fighting Judah?

I don't understand you.
My name is also Jason.

What was going on with the scoring in Rocky Balboa (Spoilers)?

wat about it

From what website can i buy from the most extensive selection of classic and recent boxing fights?

I doubt there would be a tv record of the fight.

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