All boxers?

im having a hard time overcoming the mental stress you go through before a fight, its makes me tired and feel like a thousand pounds when im in the ring..somtimes i dont think im stressed but find out that i must of bin because again i feel you think that if i get knocked out in the gym,, that it would get me past that ????


What are Calvin Brock's chances against Wlad Klitschko?

Honey- the more times you get knocked out the worse it is on your brain. If it is stressing you out that bad, is it a possibility that you may just need to change you r profession?

Does having big hands help you be a better fighter?

ok take a break go have fun some where take a vacation. before a fight listen to music the pumps u up get some one in there and give u speech and a loud yelling frenzy on why that guy should be the one down for the count and why you work so hard to get ur a s s on the mat h e l l no u work so u can mock him on the ground

Peek-a-boo boxing style...?

try vitamin b12 for about aweek or two before hand, it helps calm the central nervous system and is very successful with people doing exams e.t.c

My dad has an autograph of Muhamed Ali given to him by the boxer in 1981. Is it worth anything?


Why is Efren Reyes the greatest billiards and pool player of all time?

you just need more experience. this feeling caused by nerves by the way should begin to decline.

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