Does anyone here ever heard of manny pacquiao? who is he and why is he so famous whit asians?


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No offense but Manny is one of the greatest boxers out there today. Anyone that follows boxing has heard of Manny. He is Filipino so he is very popular with the Mexican and Asian fighters. I must say he is very nice in person too...great guy!

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yea hes a boxer and a damn good one. why is he so famous with asains? duhh because he is asian

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yeah, he is #3 on the Pound for Pound list of the best fighters in the world and has beaten legends like Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales. He is popular with Asians because he is the only true Asian contender in a Major divison that is a winner

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Manny will become the greatest Feather & Light weight fighter who has ever fought in the square ring. He has made a name of himself by beating the best mexican boxers (Morales & Barrera). Still.. I want him to really make a statement by facing Marquez and beating him, not by decesion, but by how he polish Morales & Barrera in the ring, a knock-out! I have mad respects for mexican fighters but it's about time a Asian fighter steps in the ring and dominates a division. The "Manila-Ice" Baby!

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He is probably the best asian fighter ever. Manny has defeated most of the top mexican fighters, like Barrera by knockout, Morales twice and Marquez once. He is explosive and very strong as he proved it in the fight against Morales in their last fight by knocking him out in the third round.

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LOL! Have any of you ever heard of Mike Tyson? Why was this guy so popular with Americans and boxing fans in the 80's and 90's? What about this guy Muhammad Ali? What was so great about him? How about this old-timer Sugar Ray Robinson, what did he ever do? Seriously, if this wasn't a joke question..YOU FIYAD!

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I have no way of knowing where "here" is in reference to your question, but just about anyone who has heard of a sport called "boxing" knows who Manny Pacquiao is. Odds are pretty good that the fact that he is Asian might play into his popularity among that particular segment of the population.

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Um. Watch more boxing man before you ask questions about this sport..

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well Manny Pacquiao is an asian boxer to be specific he is a filipino,he became well known because of his accomplishments inside the ring,his record speaks for itself he defeated two of the greatest fighters pound for pound fighters in the world namely marco antonio barrera and erik morales in devastating fashion by KO both of them,with those wins he is considered to be among the top 3 p4p fighters in the world,asians rally behind him because he brings hope as being the only asian fighter to perform well against the best mexican fighters in his weight class

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well he is from general santos city, Philipines. and a great boxer i might add. He also is very explosive against his opponents. (ex. barrera, morales twice, marquez). Plus he might also run for government office sometime next year or this year. Overall he is a boxing hero in the P.I and america in my opinion.
so hopes this helps you. =D

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