Ali V Tyson?

Question:almost every1's opinion on this match is that tyson wud be worn down by the rope-a-dope...BULLSHIT! tyson was strong fast and had great stamina, ali tried a rope-a-dope on joe frazier, what did frazier do? he hit ali clean shots and had plenty of stamina left, tyson was a simular fighter to joe frazier(not the exact same stlye) they both had the IN-YOUR-FACE power stlye which ali had trouble with. ali had great adapting abillity but tyson had great precice power punching. Tyson was a dangerous puncher but ali had a great chin

well thats my opinion give good reason for your answers


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welcome to the ali vs tyson dimension, padie..think you're the 3,987,598th person to ask this question(myself included) and i admit it's hard to find new ways to answer this question, but i will take a jab at a new approach - of course this would be both ali and tyson in their respective primes. i must point out that i am a huge fan of both, proably the biggest fan of both - the two best heavyweights, if not fighters, of all time. so, examining ali's often quoted line, "float like a butterfly..." ali had too much movement for tyson and tyson would've had to lunge at ali to make any contact, bec a prime ali would be just too fast and too fluid for tyson to really set and land his power punches and combos., this would've enabled ali to see all of tyson's attacks coming and he would easily parry and counter mike's offense; "..sting like a bee..." ali had grossly underrated power! liston was quoted as saying, "i thought they said he couldn't hit." ali' "turned" his wrist at the tail end of his jab. this is a move common in the martial arts world and adds significant to snap/force to a punch. ali didn't throw punches in the classic way, turning his weight into it - like tyson did to great effect. ali's punches were arm punches often thrown while in motion/flight...that turning of the wrist gave him incredible power, and his accuracy and speed made that power almost lethal. by snapping the jab, ali would've thrown tyson's rhythm off. constant jabs to the head wear down an opponent over time by discombobulating(a cosellism) him. as a result, ali would've had a field day w/tyson and totally overwhelmed him w/his style. in the middle rounds, once tyson closed the gap a little he would've landed some great shots aganst ali, bec mike was pretty darn quick, but ali would've maintained/regained control of the fight. as much as i love tyson, taking ali's success w/power punchers into consideration, i see ali "taking him to deep water and drowning him"(holmesism), puffing him up, swelling his eyes, cutting him up, and eventually knocking him out, somewhere's around round 8-10. i cannot tell you how sad that makes me to admit, bec i love both these guys sooo much!

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I think Ali could take Tyson now.

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Ali is the greatest fighter of all time, period.

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I take all your points about Tyson's power and strength. He was a force of nature. however..

Ali would win on points.

At Ali's best, Tyson would not be able to lay a glove on him. Ali was taller with a longer reach, better balance and footwork, and would be able to pick Tyson off from a distance.

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I agree Tyson would win .To bad Mike didnt have the people Ali had around him .He would of been champ alot longer then he was.

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I'd bet on ALI even now. Mike always used everything he had in teh first round, and if it wasn't a knock out he'd have only an even chance. Ali had stamina and power. Even now, I bet Ali still has more heart in him than Mike ever had.


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Tyson was awesome at his peak and he destroyed every major heavyweight contender there was, including Larry Holmes, the man who retired Muhammad Ali. Ali might be able to play some mind games with Tyson, but I don't know if he could resist the wrecking ball mitts of Tyson.

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No question about it, Ali would win. Ali is the greatest fighter of the century, he is tough, cool,focused and can punch with accuracy and speed. Even now there isn`t a boxer who could match him. Remember in Britain in 2000, we voted Ali the greatest Sportsman of the Century.

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Padie O Connor - The flawed premise in your match up in my opinion is that most people match up a 23 year old Tyson with a 33-36 year old Ali. The reason I say this is because you mention Ali using the rope a dope. When I think of this dream match I will always match the 23-24 year old,the '60's Ali against Tyson. He would have no need for the rope a dope. His constant movement for 15 rounds while stuffing his rapier jab in Tyson's face would both wear down and discourage a mentally weaker Tyson. Ali wins by TKO round 12. The reason; Ali had a better chin, better stamina, faster feet, faster hands, longer reach, 5 to 6 inch height advantage, supreme ring generalship, stronger mentally, but most importantly he had CHARACTER. When did you ever see Tyson suck it up when the fight got tough? Against Douglas? Against Holyfield? Against Lewis? When a fighter stood up to Tyson he caved, much like a bully who sees his own blood for the first time does. Thanks for the good question Paddie.

Addition - the reason Frazier was able to beat Ali once and inflict damage to Ali in their three fights is because he had CHARACTER, and he didn't fight the young '60's Ali. Also, could you imagine the mind games Ali would play with Tyson during the prefight hype?

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I float like a butterfly I sting like a bee there aint no fly's I'm Muhammad Ali

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tyson to knock him out his trunks in the first

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I don't know who said this, but one person said Ali was the greatest of all time. He is 150% correct. Ali would definitely win!

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thats like the new rocky movie

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Thats a fair enough judgement.
Tyson has got great stamina, if say Ali and Tyson did go at it in the ring, Tyson would go hardcore throwing punches everywhere. However, I believe Ali's shots would be a lot more cleaner and focused than Tysons. Thats my opnion.

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Ali had 63 fights and no-one managed to Ko him. He fought people like Foreman, Frazier, Liston and Shavers. These men were some of the hardest hitting heavyweights in history so to say Tyson would stop him would be doubtful. Ali would have drove Tyson crazy before the fight even started, therefore playing him right into his hands. When Tyson got bullied he simply did not know how to handle it and lost the plot. Ali's ring skill and speed would have imo overwhelmed Tyson. Ali to win by late stoppage or by Tyson being disqualified. Ali is simply the greatest.

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at what age? and how many rounds 12 or 15?
well any way if there both in there prime
ali wins on points or late ko, he didn't have the same power as Tyson but could soak up everything or dance out of trouble and
dazzle him with hand speed. holyfield and Lewis wernt as good as Ali and they whooped Tyson. Ali was champ 3 times too

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OK, first of all, let's deal with this Tyson-Frazier comparasion. Flat out, Mike Tyson is not worthy to even carry Joe Frazier's jockstrap. Tyson was a harder puncher than Frazier. Frazier was more mobile, more agile, could take a punch better than Tyson, and had about 50,000 times more heart than "Iron Mike." Now, what was the question?
Oh, yeah, Ali. Ali at his prime destroys Tyson. And he wouldn't have to resort to the rope-a-dope either. He just fights his normal fight, y'know..."Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." Tyson never had to face a fighter with even a quarter of the ability of either Ali or Frazier. Ali would be on his horse, floating and stinging. Tyson would never catch him, and little by little, Ali would be landing more jabs, then combinations, then even bigger combinations. Ali was nowhere near the puncher of Tyson, but the combined results of the frustration of not being able to hit Ali, along with the cumulative effects of the steadily increasing rain of punches from Ali would do Tyson in.
Oh, and by the way, not only does Ali beat Tyson, so does Frazier, Larry Holmes and George Foreman. Not only that, the quality of fighters that Tyson beat doesn't even approach the level of such heavyweights as Ken Norton, Jerry Quarry, and Oscar Bonavena. I would like all their chances against Tyson.
Mike Tyson may be the most overrated fighter ever in the history of the heavyweight division (and this is a group of fighters who include Gerry Cooney and Duane Bobick).

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