A match between Roberto Duran and julio chavez wo wins?

Now Julio was great with a powerful left to the body.But Duran was an absalute dog bombin people out.tugh tugh match


Boxing Day for boxers?

After 3 three rounds of both boxing clever both open up trying to show who's the boss. Chavez throws nothing less than three punchs at a time and one is always a left hook to the body, but Duran wants a war and starts raking the laces across Chavez's face in every clinch while cursing him and questioning his manhood. Chavez decides to give Duran his war in the eighth (big mistake) Duran has been timing his rushes and now unleashes wicked right hand leads followed by a punishing left to the kidney and another left hook to the head. By the time Chavez responds Duran has stepped back and is taunting him jet black hair flying, eyes spitting sparks giving him the appearance of a wild animal. Chavez starts to reel and now even the biggest Chavez fans know its only a matter of time. The bell rings to end the eighth, Chavez stumbles to his corner, Duran instead stops at side of the ring to curse the Mexican fans pounding on his chest the whole time, his corner man has to drag him to his corner and make him sit. Chavez's corner work on him furiously but his eyes are swollen and his right side red, ever the warrior he comes out for the ninth. Duran charges across the ring and unleashes a barrage that pins Chavez to the ropes and he slowly sinks to his knees and rolls over on his side, referee Larry Hazzard has seen enough and pulls Duran away. Duran stomps to the side of the ring points directly at Aaron Pryor and draws his glove across his throat setting up his next superfight.....but thats a different story.

Is there a maximum age for amateur boxers?

Roberto Duran was one of the greatest fighters of all time He was called HANDS OF STONE. He would have stopped Chavez inside of ten rounds

Will Floyd mayweather defeat Oscar De la hoya tommorrow?

This fight is at Lightweight? I'll assume so. Duran by a unanimous decision. Both fighters are battered at the end of this slugfest.

What do you think of Emanuel Augustus?

Poppa Dog 7 ~
As much as enjoy reading and answering your questions Dog, my man Brent F, Brad Morris and Toughguy have the lock down on the Who vs Who here, a lot of the questions that you are asking they've asked already, with some really good answers. I'm not saying this to be any kind of jerk or anything like that, some of the people here in this forum won't answer the same question twice even though they are some great match ups you're throwing out there.
Good luck and Peace Dog.

What is the phone number for tonights fight Oscar and Floyd Mayweather?

It would be a draw because they are both brawlers!!

De La Hoya vs mayweather Where can you go watch it?

What weight are you talking about? I am going on the assumption it would be at 135. Duran was virtually unbeatable at that weight. As great as Chavez was, he didn't possess Duran's boxing skills. Duran by unanimous dec.

Where can I watch the de la hoya fight in san francisco?

This would be a terrific fight. Chavez has a great left hook and Duran has a great right hand particularly using counter right hands. I believe that Duran was a better overall fighter than Chavez and would knock Chavez out in 11 rounds of a thrilling fight.

Roger Mayweather vs Floyd Mayweather Sr. Who would've won?

Duran would make Chavez quit. Same way he did the second time against Randall, and the second time against De La Hoya.

Where can i get a Roy Jones Jr. myspace background?

Duran - W 103 (KO's 70) TF 119 - W pct 87% - KO pct 58% - wins over Leonard, Buchanan, Cuevas, D. Moore and Palomino -KO'ed by Leonard, (Duran quit in ring), Hearns and W. Joppy - #28 ranked puncher - #5 ranked fighter
Won titles at 135, 147, 154 and 160

Chavez - W 108 (KO's 86) TF 116 - W pct 97% - KO pct 74% - wins over Rosario, Limon, R. Mayweather, Taylor, Camacho, Ramirez and Lockridge - KO'ed by Tszyu and De La Hoya - #50 ranked puncher - #18 ranked fighter
Titles at 130, 135 and 147

Duran uses his superior defensive and boxing skills to eke out a split decision.

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