An easy one - Frank Bruno was beat 5 times by four men, who were they and what rounds etc,?


Can Manny Pacquiao beat Floyd Mayweather Jr? Who do you think will Manny fight next & rate him from 1 to 10.=)

1, 1984 Bonecrusher Smith, Rd 10
2, 1986 Tim Witherspoon, Rd 11
3, 1989 Mike Tyson, Rd 5
4, 1993 Lennox Lewis Rd 7
5, 1996 Mike Tyson Rd 3

He beat Oliver McCall to win the world title in 1995

If i traveled back in time just one hour and started a fight with myself who would win?

Tyson round 5
Bonecrusher Smith 10
Lennox Lewis 7
Oliver Mcall 9
Tim Witherspoon 11

Zab Judah ?

The fifth was Tim Witherspoon in 11

I here there a pro fight of boxing between females coming in las vegas?

Tyson twice round 5 and 3
Bonecrusher Smith 11
Lennox Lewis 7
Oliver Mcall 9

though he was a mean machine, that guy could of beat the world, seems he skint now.

Here's a bit of trivia - which trainer said this to which fighter in which fight?

bone crusher smith round 10
tim witherspoon rnd 11
lennox lewis rnd 8
tyson rnd 5 and 3 i think

hope that helps love boxing trvia

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