"Retards love Mayweather"?

Question:Should he have put that on his shirt?

He is an arrogant, racist A-hole.


Floyd Mayweather - 1st legitimate 5 division fighter in history!?

"Show me your friends and I will show you your future" True, Floyd Jr. is a cocky, arrogant, s.o.b. He surrounds himself with idiots like Roger Mayweather, that rapper guy, and numerous thugs. His first defeat might be on the dark streets of Vegas when some other idiot takes a gun to him. One thing is for certain, Floyd has a long, long, way to go in order to be a well respected fighter or human who shows any hint of class!

Should there be a Oscar de La Hoya vs. Mayweather rematch?

I agree. I HATE Mayweather and really wish that De La Hoya would have taken him. Upset to say the least.

We need a rematch.

Can you help me on some boxing tips?

Give me a break... Stop being a sore LOSER.
Oscar would score an even bigger loss in a rematch now that every one knows his strategy.
How is mayweather racist?

I'm a gothic and i cant get any girl's to like me what do i do?

He wore De La Hoya's home country colors to insult him and mocked hispanics. That is racist.

How to post questions on yahoo?

well i guess i am a retard , oh wait.u dont determine who i am .roflmao go Mayweather !!!

Where Can I watch the fight of oscar de la hoya in fort worth, tx?

It is hard for a black guy to be a racist. Now it was cinco de mayo. A Mexican holiday. If it was the forth of July and Mayweater fought a Mexican fighter and he had on the American flag trunks what would you think. Give me a break. Mayweather comes from a boxing family and knows the history of great Hispanic fighters and what they have contributed to his profession.

Do you like pacman?

He's not racist! He and Oscar both have great skills, speed, strength, and determination, but in the end Mayweather beat him to the punch. So please don't begin to start rumors due to the costume he wore to try to bring some drama to the scene, because the fight was boring as hell!!

Who were the Roughest, Toughest Contenders ever?

plus he wore that sombrero and mexicans love maywhether just to taunt deylahoya. i didnt see what youre talking about.

Everybody, why does "Ant Pee", or "ant c", whateva, keep whining and crying about the PBF and Oscar Fight?

that had nothing to do with racism! he was tauntin oscar and y not oscar came out with american flags whenever he first got into the sport so no there was no racism there what so ever dont put too much thought into it and u wont sound like such a dumbass!

Who is Floyd Mayweather fooling?

I know it is hard to believe that Oscar got beat by a guy who was fighting at 148, and got out landed by a guy who made him look very bad during the fight. But GET OVER IT, MAYWEATHER WON

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