43% Mayweather to 21% D.L.H.- total punches, 57% F.M. to 24% D.L.H - power punches. So how did De La Hoya win?

Isn't that what boxing is about? Landing Punches. Since when do you win for being more active?


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These are De La HAHA fans that have been watching him over the past few years be exposed for the sorry fighter he really is.

I remember oscar saying he was a technical fighter many times after winning fights in similar fashion, being less active like Mayweather was. Turnabout is fair play!

But people John D is not saying Oscar won the fight, he is asking the idiots who said Oscar won, How did he win?
And the fight did not live up to the hype!

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he didn't, it was SD for Mayweather

Where can i see osca de la hoya online fighy?

he lost

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Mayweather won the fight on a split decision, I for one did not feel like the fight lived up to the hype.

Where can I watch the fight in Washington DC?

my tv said mayweather won??sports this morning said split decision for flloyd.

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When De La Hoya landed Mayweather backed even more than usual. Com'on this championship professional boxing not slap fighting. To defeat the champion you have beat him, contact or landing alot of soft puncehs only counts in the amateurs.

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The force with which De la Hoya delivered his punches were much greater than Mayweather. Who by the way, seemed to have some trouble brekaing past De la Hoya's defense/blocking. If you saw De la Hoya afetr the fight, his face looked as if he ha donly just taken a jog or something, then again- He is the Golden Boy for a reason.

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Oscar was the one carrying the action, he was the champ so it is the challengers job to take the belt. Mayweather won, but they should have declared it a no contest and given the people their money back. It was a weak display of dancing and jabbing for the so called best fighters of the era!

Champions are suppose to leave it all in the ring, not dance and jab! Boxing will fade because of this so called super fight. A rematc will not do near as well.

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I love it. The punch stats mean 100% everything I guess. Punching is the most important yes. But this isn't a 1 punch=1 point scoring system, which you seem to be trying to validate. It appears you don't agree with or like some of the answers you are getting. My response would be to be more open minded, dont view the answers as a Floyd lover or Oscar hater (which I am positive you are one or the other). Why don't you ask the 1 judge that gave it to Oscar, or the other judge that gave round 12 to Floyd and caused a split instead of a draw. That 2nd judge obviously had it pretty damn close, and even gave Floyd the 12th that did seem more Oscars. Overall I have no distinct opinion that Oscar definitely should have won. I scored Oscar winning by 2 round but the fight was too damn close, and boring, to sit there and try to say that Oscar definitely should have won.

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