Alexis Arguello vs. Salvador Sanchez who wins?

After beating Azumah Nelson in his last bout before his fatal car crash at the age of 23, Sanchez talked about moving up to the lightweight division to challenge Arguello for his lighweight title. Could he have won?


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Brent F this may be one of the best matchups yet! Both fighters were no doubt legendary with great records and boxing skills. I will never forget how easily Sanchez dispatched of Wilfredo Gomez who many thought would be too much for Sanchez. Arguello definetly had a bigger punch but Sanchez was faster and had a iron jaw! This fight could have gone either way but I'm taking Sanchez by a split decision!

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I think he could have. Arguello was a good boxer if you stood in front of him but he had trouble with fast guys who had good foot work, Vilamar Fernandez was one. I think Salvador would have had a great chance he was brave, that could have been dangerous against Alexius but he was intelligent enough to stick to a fight plan. It would have been tough because they were both brave warriors.

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Rest assured, Salvador Sanchez would've won. What a great match-up that would've been. The great Alexis Arguello against the legendary Salvador Sanchez. I just got chills thinking about that fight. Man oh man!

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A good matchup but I would have taken Arguello. Yes I could see Sanchez outboxing and outspeeding him for 10, 11 rounds. But I just don't think he had the power to slow Arguello down and Alexis was always most dangerous in the later rounds. Arguello by TKO in 13. (Assuming it was 15 not 12 rounds).

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Arguello - W 82 (KO's 65) TF 90 - W pct 91% - KO 72% - wins over R. Olivares, A. Escalera[2], Mancini and J. Watt - KO'ed by Pryor {2} - held titles at 126, 130 and 135.
20th greatest puncher of all-time
20th greatest fighter of all-time

Sanchez - W 44 (KO's 32) TF 46 - W pct 96% - KO pct 70% - wins over D. Lopez, R. Castillo and Gomez - KO'ed by none.
88th greatest puncher of all-time
24th greatest fighter of all-time

Sanchez was never KO'ed and Arguello was only KO'ed by a larger fighter. I see a 15th rd KO by Arguello or a unanimous decision.

P.S. Another way to call this fight is the question (who punches the hardest Gomez and Arguello?).

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This would be a good match, I would have to go with Arguello, because of his great boxing ability. Sanchez was a great fighter, having died at an early age. Arguello by a majority decision.

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