"Dream Bout" Duran vs Napoles? - 15 rds at Welter wt?


What are the different weight categories in boxing?

Smitty I'll take Napoles in an upset. I think he's an underrated fighter, even as great as he was. I think at 147 he would outbox Duran. Napoles win by split decision.

Got a stupid question. Who would win in a fight:a cop or a marine?

No mas

Who do you think can defeat Manny Pacquiao?

I thought Duran was dead!

Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Alexis Arguello who wins?

Great matchup smitty! I watched both fighters fight during their primes and Napoles nickname "Mantequilla" was accurate as he was smooth as butter and a great fighter. Duran was a fierce fighter with good boxing skills and power and was excellent at hitting opponents with counter right hands. I believe this would be a very close fight with Duran being the aggressor and winning by a split decision.

"Dream Bout" Ron Lyle vs wlad klitschko - 15rds Who wins?

Duran was one of the greatest fighters of all time.He was brutal strong and had devestating punching power.Duran by a TKO in round 13

Did mayweather really win the fight?


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