Quartey-Forrest, your scorecard?

Joe Frazier

Which famous boxer's nickname is 'The Real Deal?'?

Ali. No doubt. No question. Don't even have to think about it.

He would have intimidated the hell of out Tyson with his mind games and antics. The fight would have been over before the fighters got to the arena.

What happened to fernando vargas? he was such a great prospect,but then wam!it was all over!!?

ali. he fights fair and doesnt bite off other people's ears

Am i not the greatest knockout artist who ever lived?

Tyson. No doubt. The baddest man in the planet. His whole career has been a great show, pro. and personal. Ali was a chump

Which boxer today has an iron jaw? Which boxer can take the most punishment without going down? Mayweather?

Ali, no doubt about it! Cassius Clay is the man!

Worst fight ever?

ali was a great tactition but tyson in my belief,was the most vicious fighter in his prime that i have ever seen. he would have been the greatest ever if he didn't let outside influences distract him

Are the black muslims still involved in boxing?

Ali, hands down. Great moves, no flat feet, kept his teeth to himself! Tyson, well, a "has been" who likes to bite peoples ears.

Is there any boxer better than Roy Jones Jr.?

I am sick of this question. Ali wins every time, don't ask again.

Rocky Marciano vs Muhammed Ali who wins?.? you remember how Ali fought...he would let them beat the crap out of him.then when they were tired he would way in hell...he would have survived a beating from Tyson for 12 he always left himself open for punishment...he would have been punished...remember foreman broke ali's jaw...think of what tyson would have done.

Does anyone know of a Boxing Record database that include "Fist" size of Fighters?

prime vs. prime? Tyson would whoop Ali's ***. Tyson is a power puncher. Ali didn't have that much KO's in his career. Most of his wins were by decision. But Ali is smarter though.

Tiger Flowers vs Kid Gavilan. Who wins?

This is a ridiculous question. Ali stops him inside of eight rounds. Ali had plans A through Z. Tyson only had plan A. If that didn't work, he gave up.
You can't even mention Tyson in the same breath as Ali.

What's current title being held by Manny Pacquiao?

Tyson, definitely.

He punched from his feet. Lateral movements were amazing and he is still my favorite to this day.

I won't comment of his biting, that was terrible, and the biggest blight on his career.

Ali had too much to say, and he said it too loudly...

IF YOU WERE a Boxer?

ali is the best

Sonny Liston vs Vitali Klitschko. Who wins?

Ali. The greatest and the prettiest. Floats like a butterfly stings like a bee. He's fought the best of the best and beat them while Tyson fought some great fighters and lost and got knocked out. Not even close.

Roberto Duran vs Jose Napoles. Who wins?


Barry Mcguian vs Prince Naseem Hamed who wins?

How many of you Tyson guys voted for Bush.

De la hoya or mayweather jr?

although, ali was susceptible to left hooks (cooper, frazier), i doubt even tyson, despite his amazing, deceptive, underrated speed, could deliver the "2nd punch" and finish him off. remember, ali was almost impossible to hit in his prime. but if he was hit, he had amazing recuperative powers. and, his own power was extremely underrated(he turned the punch, much like martial artists, for extra effective snap!). tyson would have probably fared better than most think against a young ali(tyson had deceptive, underrated speed and animalistic determination) and it would have been the most exciting trilogy(?) of ali's already stellar career. tyson would have leapt at ali, going as fast forwards as ali went backwards, and he would have eventually tagged ali just from trying so hard and often. incidentally, ali would've psyched mike out, for sure, but remember tyson would've also had d'amato in his corner - who knew how to beat ali, but just didn't have the right fighter to do it...until tyson came along, much too late to carry out his plan. anyways, ali would've gotten caught, eventually, and got his bell rung, but would've held on until his head cleared. ali would've had to use more lateral movement, which he would have, to confuse and throw off tyson's timing. after getting his bell rung a couple times, he would've gotten mad and stepped up his attack on tyson, just as tyson would've started getting frustrated and confused...and tired in the later rounds - remember, in his prime, ali could easily and literally dance and move for a straight 15 rounds - who else could do that?! don't forget, when ali got mad, he was quite lethal and cruel in the ring(patterson, foley, bonavena, liston 1)! ali's constant jabbing and occasional power punches would have eventually neutralized tyson, and he would have knocked tyson out in the late rounds - remember, also, ali not only beat but dominated, stopped, or knocked out the heaviest and most dangerous punchers of all time(liston, cleveland williams, frazier(almost in pt 2, stopped him in pt 3), and shavers)! p.s. marciano wouldn't have stood a chance against a young ali, ali would've danced rings around him and stopped him even earlier than he would have tyson, or bloodied him up so bad it would have had to have been stopped. marciano would've been too stubborn to stay down, after going down repeatedly, and would've probably suffered serious damage because of it. tyson had amazing speed and power(and d'amato), which would have lasted longer and fared better against a young ali than marciano's legendary determination and heart...the rock would never have caught ali clean!

Who would win between Will pep and Parnell witaker?

Ali is one of the greatest of all time! Mike is not! Ali would have danced, jabbed, and frustrated Mike all night on his way to a lopsided decision.

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