Any body know where i can start boxing in SoCal? In Diamond Bar, Fullerton, or IRvine or places near? Thanks?

Hey guys id really like to start boxing and i signed up for a gym but it turned out to be a fitness boxing shamlike thing, and i'd like to do the real thing. I probably look like a scrawny lil boy so i hope these gyms wont kick me out when they see me. (16 years old) Actually it'd be pretty awesome if someone could refer me to like a boxing coach? or personal trainer? but an actual welcoming gym where i can learn boxing and eventually spar would be even better. So thanks guys.


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There is a boxing club in Redlands on Texas street between the Orangewood High School and the 10 Freeway overpass. I can't remember the name of the club and have to admit I have never been inside but I have driven by the front of it and can see the boxing ring from the street when the front doors are open.

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Check out the gyms in Pomona which is not too far from Diamond Bar. You can just look them up on Yahoo, I know there are a couple good ones.

Westminister also has a good one. Palomino was from that gym.

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