Alexis Arguello vs. Carlos Ortiz who wins?

Fighting at Lightweight


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Ortiz - W 61 (KO 30) TF 42 - W pct 87% - KO pct 43% - wins over J. Brown (my cousin), I. Laguna [3], F. Eldore [2] and S. Ramos [2] - KO'ed by K. Buchanan - 60th greatest fighter of all-time - a natural light wt - top 5 or 10 in that div.

Arguello - W 82 (KO's 65) TF 90 - W pct 91% - KO pct 72% - wins over R. Olivares, A. Escalera [2], R. Mancini, J. Watt - KO'ed by A. Pryor [2] - 20th greatest puncher and 20 greatest fighter of all-time - Titles at feather and super feather wt and light wt.

As good as Ortiz was Arguello wins by a KO in 13.

Does anyone know any...?

A very interesting matchup at lightweight. Both fighters were durable with good punching power. I believe that Arguello had the better jab and a reach advantage over Ortiz and in an exciting bout I pick The Explosive Thin Man Arguello by majority decision.

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Arguello by KO or TKO.
But Ortiz will send him to the canvas more than 2 times.

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Arguello wins. He was the greatest tactician I ever saw. Maybe the greatest lightwieght ever. He never or rarely made a mistake. He would stalk you, and once he found an opening, your were history.

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I don't know about this one when Alexis made the move to lightweight he had an unconvincing win over a Ramirez who knocked him down. He later won the lightweight championship. I'd go for Ortiz only because he was busier. Alexis was a slower more programmed fighter but could take a great shot. It's a tough fight to pick. I really don't know it could go either way.

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Alexis Arguello was a great fighter,a great boxer, he would probably ko Ortiz in the 11th or 12th round

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