Antonio Margarito- is he really the "Most Feared Fighter in Boxing" like many claim?


Harding, Jones, Johnson... Tarver has beaten everyone put in front of him. Could he beat Hopkins in a rematch?

Up until recently I thought it was either him or Winky Wright. But after Winky Wright's performance against Jermain Taylor, and "Flawed" Mayweather's continuing excuses about why he wont fight Margarito, I'd have to give it to Margarito. "Flawed's" excuse is that nobody knows Margarito and that boxing is a business and that he's here to make money. He recently turned down $8,000,000.00 to fight Margarito. He wont fight Margarito for the 8 million but he'll fight lesser quality opponents like Moseley or the other sissy De La Hoya for less than that because they are "name" opponents. I guess that's good business in "Flawed's" book. It is "pretty" clear to me that "Pretty Boy" is just running scared making up excuses as he goes along. Loser!

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No. If he beats Floyd Mayweather he will be.

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floyd mayweather jr. is unbelieveable. he is fast as hell and accurate as a motherfu&(*&er.

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It's Pacquiao who's the most feared since he's whooped everybody his division has to offer.

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maybe margarito is one but certainly not the most ... but he can be if he can knock down fighters like mayweather ...

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I don't know about most feared in boxing but he is definitely the fighter Mayweather the so called best pound for pound fighter in the world is most afraid off.

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Fraud mayweather is on top of the list of the best pound for pound fighter today. And yet he's ducking Margarito even for 8 millin dollars. So yes if we consider that even fraud mayweather is no. 1 he does not want to fight margarito.

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Well if he is the most feared why wont he fight Winky or mosley. If Mayweather dont want any, fight someone who steps up to the challenge

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Margarito and his promoter Bob Arum turned down a September, 2006 HBO date with former WBA 147-lb champ Luis Collazo. Margarito and Co. turned away from guys like Sharmba Mitchell, Paul Williams, Joshua Clottey, Jose Antonio Rivera, Winky Wright all trying to secure a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. and now that Margarito has a December date on Showtime, he can kiss the Mayweather fight good-bye. Feared fighters do not turn down and get offers like this.

Facts are, Mayweather has better options in the future and is an HBO fighter looking for top names. Arum is taking both Tony and Miguel Cotto off of HBO and bringing them to Showtime, which leads many to think that a Cotto-Margarito bout could be coming down the line. Its that type of action that Margarito/Arum have not made with his career. The faster they 'go get theirs', the better. Waiting for any fighter in Margarito's physical prime is a huge mistake.

Margarito has a problem.his promoter Bob Arum, who has allowed his 28-year old fighter to retain a paper title and Margarito will have fought ONE ROUND over the past 20-months leading into his December date, IF it doesn't get pushed back again. Feared fighters FIGHT.

Back in early May, before the Oscar De la Hoya-Ricardo Mayorga fight, Arum tossed around $8 Million for Mayweather to fight Margarito, which was more of a ploy to get Mayweather out of a potential De la Hoya match-up in September. The $8 Million will be dwarfed by what De la Hoya could bring Mayweather for a Margarito bout. Arum tossed out an amount knowing Mayweather was waiting to see how De la Hoya did and was simply a ploy.

Lets face some other facts. Margarito is not a PPV draw having had only 30K PPV buys for his February bout with Manuel Gomez. Mayweather is trying/attempting to land Shane Mosley and Oscar De la Hoya, which are far better fights money wise and skill wise. The most feared man in boxing does not lose to Daniel Santos on HBO and do nothing since to warrant even the discussion.

If Margarito wants to be the most feared man in boxing, it starts with beating top tier opponents and remaining active, something that Margarito has simply not done. At this stage, Margarito needs to add on legit, top welterweights to his resume before taking on any of the elite fighters. The current string he's fought since 2001 is topped by a prospect, Kermit Cintron and goes down from there. He needs to step up his game.

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I don't fear him, but every time I think of Lujan's ear it sends chills down my spine. I don't think it's that anyone's scared of him so much as that Margarito just doesn't have a big enough name to make a fight with him worthwhile. Margarito has to get a fight with one of these other top guys and dominate him before the others will really consider him. He's on his way there, though. ;D

Actually, I can't think of anyone right now who's more feared than Margarito so maybe I'll say yes after all. :)

Would it make you delahoya fans happy if Mayweather had put his gloves down and let delahoya knock him out?


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