Any time I see tips in magazines and books they are for shorter fighters. What about taller fighters?

I am basically seeking tips for a taller fighter because I am finding sparring with fighters my height or taller easier then with fighters of other. I always get whooped by shorter fighters. What can I do with a shorter fighter, I need help but I never see any tips out there for me. Please help, thanks.


I am in boxing class the reason why is I am extremely skidish. I am a weightlifter i have been for 5 years. I

Keep your opponent, whether they are short or tall, on the end of your jab.

Who won the fight?

you totally have the advantage when you go fight a short guy... basicly you need to keep him from getting inside.. once hes inside hes taken your advantage away.. i would constantly throw jabs at him.. once he trys slipping the jabs and u see him come in throw an uper cut... and move back out of range... remeber to keep him at bay

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