Amir Khan... Am I reading right??

Question:I was looking up some info on Amir Khan, the British boxer, and came across this...

Look at the 'Personal life' bit, at the bottom 3 trivias.

"He is a paki

He is known to engage in homosexual acts in top Bolton nightclubs etc

Once snogged his apponent after a fight"

I read this yesterday and that wasn't there then I don't think. Could someone have put this there as a joke?

I'm quite confused at to why it's there, as i'm pretty sure it's not serious...


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trust wiki with a grain of salt, it usually is reliable but every once in a while a fool will decide to post something false, intenitonally or not.

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Don't trust Wikipedia as real. Someone put up their the comedian Sinbad died and he never was even in the hospital anyone who thinks they know can put stuff up there that isnt real. It was probably written by someone who doesnt like Amir and you would be better off looking it up on like ESPN or another news website then trusting Wikipedia.


Dont trust these things.


Boxing. Anyone know of a good website where I can read up on Boxing Tips/Instruction.?

He is an avid supporter of his local football club, Bolton Wanderers, and often uses the club's training facilities at the Reebok Stadium.[citation needed]
Attended Smithhills school in Bolton and Bolton Community College.
He is a first cousin of the England cricketer Sajid Mahmood.[2]
He has a young brother named Haroon Khan who is an amateur boxer.
He has performed an Umrah in 2006, he left England for Saudi Arabia on September 5 and returned on September 16.[citation needed]
Is involved in the No Messin' campaign which promotes child safety around British railways. [3]
He enjoys playing sports such as football and cricket.[citation needed]
He is a good friend with Didier Drogba and fellow Bolton Wanderers footballer Nicolas Anelka.


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Do not trust wikipedia.

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Your reading it wrong none of the stuff you have written is on there?

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"He is a paki
He is known to engage in homosexual acts in top Bolton nightclubs etc
Once snogged his apponent after a fight"

people add stuff all the time to wikipedia. most rude stuff is usually removed withing minutes.

Mayweather vs. Baldomir. What do you think of that?

Well.I think such big thing would have had the media up if it was true...

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