You've just come back after judging from ringside the upcoming De La Hoya v Mayweather bout, So what happend.

Give me your score card and or a short fight report on how you saw it.


What is the science behind a the chin knockout?

de la hoya wins 116 - 110 (round 3 10 - 8 mayweather point deducted for a low blow and round 8 10 -8 mayweather point deducted for knock down)

If Lennox Lewis still fight nowadays, would he knocked-down Valejev?


Floyd has not fought the caliber of fighters that De La Hoya has, pound for pound, Mayweather is an excellent fighter. But Gatti, Judah, Quartey are not ample opponents. Also, Oscar is a better fighter when he is mad and he is definately mad at Mayweather.

Who were the GREATEST IRISH (and Irish- American) FIGHTERS?

judge 1 scores the fight 118 TO 114 de la hoya
judge 2 scores the fight 117 TO 115 mayweather
judge 3 scores the fight 119 TO 113 and the winner

He was just to dame good, he reminded me of Sugar Ray leonard.

Are there any upcoming boxing/fighting matches in Florida?

You fellas obviously dont know too much about boxing or you are new to the sport. So you're forgiven for your naivete. Oscar does not stand a chance of winning this fight, not by KO or otherwise. The two fighters know this but are working together (yes professional boxing is a business so they know exactly what they are doing) to sell the fight to the public and to generate interest they create hostility and drama and as a result this PPV will draw record numbers. Having said that, if this fight isn't fixed, Floyd should win by late stoppage or very wide and clearcut decision. He is far too young, too fast, too strong, and too confident, to fall to a 34 year old De La Hoya. You poor guys. I hope you didnt bet lots of money on DLH. Wow.

Anyone know a website with a live commentary of the pacqiao-morales foght? TIA?

mayweather wins a unanimous decision, 116-112 on my card

not a whole lot of action throughout the fight, but oscar continuously attempts big power punches, knowing it is his best shot to win...he only lands a couple, resulting in the rounds he does win...meanwhile, floyd uses his youth, speed, and style to take control of the fight...he tires oscar out as he forces him to chase around the ring, and gets in numerous good counterpunches while oscar attempts to land the knockout blow

Is there a boxing/kickboxing club in/close to the surrey quays area london that is affordable? I'm a beginner

Rd 1 Oscar
Rd 2 Floyd
Rd 3 Floyd
Rd 4 Oscar
Rd 5 Oscar
Rd 6 Oscar
Rd 7 Floyd
Rd 8 Oscar
Rd 9 Oscar
Mayweather knows he is defeated, says his hand is injured and the fight is brought to a hault in a cowardly way. TKO Oscar 9th/10th. I see Mayweather grimmecing from his "hands" and saying that Oscar needs to fight him at 100%. Mayweather quits on his stool going into the 10th rd or stops it himself in the 10th rd by telling the ref his hand hurts.
Throughout the fight Oscar applied effective pressure, Mayweather lands visable shots but they are shadowed by Oscars power shots and activity level as well as pressing the fight constantly. Floyd wins some rounds by running and pot-shotting. Oscar adapts to Floyd and accumulates clean points with only his jab, making mayweather try to catch up, this is where Mayweather takes a systematic beating because he is not good going forward. Around the 7th round he realizes he wont make it and starts making gestures that his hand is hurt from the 7th on to the 10th.

Have you seen any boxer ever get knocked out of the ring?

I will get back to you on this matter on May 5th.

Who was the fighter that used to enter the ring in a coffin back in the eighties?

All in Favor of the NEW WBC Junior Middleweight Champion Floyd Mayweather Jr.

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