Who is going to win in the matchup Floyd “pretty boy” Mayweather vs. Oscar Delahoya?


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As much as I want Mayweather to lose, I would say he is going to win. Never count De La Hoya out though, it should be a great fight.

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It comes down to if DelaHoya can handle the speed of mayweather,
Delahoyas a natural lefty and he has great defense, so I think that left hand counter hook to mayweathers own hook is going to sting mayweather, and if delahoya can sting mayweather his accuracy will put him away.

Delahoya is naturally stronger than Floyd so if DLH can catch him a good one, I say its DLH in about 8

Youll know by Round 3 if DLH can neutralize the speed.
DLH has great Jab, its his naturally stronger hand up front, so first round or 2 may be very boing.
But as soon as they let their hands go, youll see alot of punishment.

I think Mayweathers going to go Roy Jones style, pop and out, pop and out, because if he tries to exchange with DLH hes in trouble.

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Mayweather, just greater speed.

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Speed is nothing with out power, you can be tapped 100 times real fast , but it only take one good,hard, bomb...and lights out!
Oscar's skill, heart and power will wipe out Mayweather's speed and lack of real skill. All of PBF trashtalk is just a front, he knows he is in REAL trouble.

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Outside a messed up decision, DHL has about a snowball's chance in Hell of winning. However I will tell you this, it is about the money. There will be a rematch... KA-CHING! Mayweather should have no problem, like a hot knife through butter. Didn't The Greatest say "Your hands can't hit what your eyes can't see"? Think of this, Mayweather at this point is stronger and younger and faster than Pernell Whitaker was when he fought DHL. DHL got a "lucky" decision, or robbery if you will. I say Mayweather by unanimous dec. DHL pulls out the 12th round good in general. But most every round will be Floyd's. I mean what? DHL lost to Hopkins and Mosley and then beat up Mayorga? He is some "force to recon with"? No, he is just a name. But then again, Mayweather will join the ranks of every boxers who punched a promoter, lol.

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DLH by a decision.

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Pretty Boy will win he just too quick for Oscar who is older now and not as active. Will be a good fight ethier way

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As much as I respect Delahoya he is not as agile as he was in his younger days, Those knock outs dont come easy anymore. I will haft to say Mayweather because he's such a prettyboy!

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Between writersblock2006 & Ric that about covers the blogbaba's opinion. Thumbs up to both.

Mayweather by decision unless Floyd gets careless with Oscar's left hook.

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