Any one know when the fight actualy starts uk time?


Gene Tunney Vs Bob Foster at 175?

Coverage on Sky has already started, but I think they're showing the fights before it aswell.

*THE* fight starts at 3:30am.

Khaosai Galaxy vs Jeff Chandler. Who wins?

I thought you guys just went to soccer matches to see fights?

List the top ten boxing trilogies of all time?

What fight?

Will The Reyes Gloves Help Oscar?

well i thnk your about 7 hours ahead of us and i think the fight starts at 9 pm my time so 6 am your time

Duran, Leonard, Hagler, Hearns?

They generally start at chucking out time. Taxi ranks and fast food places are the best places to be.

What do u think is the reason why morales lost/?

Fight? what fight? there's gonna be a fight?

Whod win between Tyson 88 or Ali 66?

seen an advert for 2am on sky sports.

Azumah Nelson vs Henry Armstrong? Who wins?

2am on sky sports
thats time iv set my reminder for
also its gonna be replayed 8am in morning..

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