Is this considered an advantage in boxing?

wen someone is about 190lbs and fights people in the same weight division, maybe 185-195 at the highest, but this boxer can bench 275? and squat 500? because not many 180-190 lbers can bench that much, so is this an advantage, being really strong for your size in your weight division?


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this means nothing in boxing your not lifting weights your boxing

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Yes but not really. I mean, how much you can bench means nothing if the other guy has more skill. Or proper punching technique. I mean yea thats great that you have good upper body strength and its an advantage, but its not everything, if someones faster than you, they can hit you twice and then be out of range before you can use that power.

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no advantage if you fight the right fight-don't slug it out with big strong man -hit and move

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No. He may be strong but slow, meaning he would be a target for a fast fleet footed fighter. It may be an asset but there are more skills to boxing that being strong. You can get lucky but against the better fighters you need to be multi dimensional.

Sometimes a strength can really be a weakness.

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