All out no-holds barred fight between these people in their prime. Who do you think will win?

Question:who do you think will also come out 2nd and 3rd? and which 2 fighters would make the best fight?

"The Greatest" Ali
Bruce "Dragon" Lee
"Golden Boy" Oscar De La Hoya
"Iron" Mike Tyson
Benny "The Jet" uridrigez(something like that)
Tito Ortiz
Roy Jones Jr.
Julio César Chávez
"The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock


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1st - Ali,- he's The Greatest!
2nd- Bruce Lee - never saw him lost..
3rd- Ken Shamrock-very powerful.

Four fighters, each with a belt, time for Unification..Who wins?


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well they are all different type of fighters but I like ALi overall

Can anyone Enlighten me..How good is...?

Bruce Lee-1st
Ali- 2nd
Tyson 3rd

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Bruce Lee no doubt his moves are designed to kill.

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Well, I think we all know that Ken Shamrock doesn't wanna see Tito Ortiz again, and Chavez wants no parts of De la Hoya. That being said - I gotta take Tyson in an - all out brawl, just off of pure craziness! I say ... 1 - Tyson, 2 - Bruce, 3 - Ali ... I really just want to see Bruce Lee kick Tito Ortiz's head clean off !!

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Well we are considering these fighters in their primes for some are too old to fight or dead. So my top 3 would have to be Bruce Lee, Mike Tyson, and Shamrock. All were very deadly in their primes.

How does heavyweight boxing decide on title defenses?

I would have to go with either ortiz or shamorock. They have the most no-holds bar experience.

Mike tyson?

Bruce Lee. The UFC guys and the martial arts guys would totally kick the boxers rear ends. Boxers know how to box, not how to fight.

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mike tyson. no doubt abt it. the other fighters are greats in their respective fields but we are talking no-holds barred. if tyson can bite off someones ear in a boxing match he can do much worse to u in a street fight. if he can knock out fighters his size with gloves on he will destroy u without them. tyson has raw power plus not a very sane mind. perfect killing machine. 2nd and 3rd shd go to shamrock and ortiz. the best fight would be between ali (whom i think is the greatest boxer of all time) and tyson. BUT with gloves in a normal boxing match. that would end all speculation of hu is the better boxer of the two eras.

Of these three, who do you think was the best boxer, IN HIS PRIME?

Bruce Lee-1st
Shamrock (in his prime)- 2nd

I usually don't do this..BUT> Tyson did not, would not, could not, have the capabilities to to beat a skilled Martial Artist.Bruce Lee is just one...many others would destroy him!! Now and then..his biting of the ears was plainly lack of skills. He never had the true skills..

That being said, Tyson knocking someone out like Bruce Lee?? Please! We are talking killing someone with an open hand (very little effort).

Most ANY MMA fighter wouldn't have a problem with Tyson or any other Boxer,,,,none whatsoever. Bones would break or a tap-out would come very quickly. With very little damage being done to the "SKILLED" MMA fighter.

I have a great respect for ALL combative sports/styles, just some are more effective all around.

I get sick of the question "Ali vs Tyson". It's obvious. So here's a little twist, Ali-Tyson street fight


If Roy Jones and James Toney rematched today, who would win, why, and how?

Ken Shamrock. But you should have included "Super foot" Bill Wallace.

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