A single heavy weight champ??

will there ever be a heavy weight champ that wins all the belts? do you think there are too many different titles?i think there are too many diff titles. they should make it simple and just merge them all


Who would have won this Boxing Match?

I feel you partner. But it all comes down to the sanctioning bodies,the promoters and the fighters wanting their money. The merge will never happen. I'm with you, but it's wishful thinking on my part.

Hi! why manny pacquiao, have a second figth with manuel marquez.? becouse I want to see marquez knock out!?

lennox lewis i think used to have three belts from diferent boxing organizations, i dunno how many organizations there are, but to reign in just one is admirable how much more in three

When you box??

former heavyweight champ mike tyson, so good to have such merging but i think that will never happen,as its the money that works...

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too many titles...need one cosoldated heavyweight champ. they could have lesser belts to decide contenders for the champ.

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All of those boxers out there, please answer this?

Well, I think it's understood that the WBA, WBC, and IBF are the major belts, and if a boxer holds those three, he's the undisputed single heavyweight champ.

I actually think it's more fun for there to be 3 big belts. It's more of a challenge to hold all three. Plus, it makes for good conversation as to which belt-holder is better.

They do need more mandatory unification bouts though...

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there will be a single champ in about 2 yrs.it's all about dollars and cents.

Manny pacquiao or erik morales in the next fight? who will win?

to smitty, is tua still alive? thought he died during the lewis fight, which he should've won, hadn't heard much about him since. to jc - rubbish, can't believe you actually like these splinter titles. and to the asker, like most i agree, it's all about money. unfortunately more promoters can make more money if they can sell a title fight, for this reason more than any other it is in their interests to keep as many so-called champs out there. but to answer your question, yes there can be one champ again. just as soon as a dominant fighter, or one w/any degree of real talent, comes along and builds some momentum, he will force the hand of the various sanctioning bodies and the arum-king conglomerate and you will see a series of elimination bouts out there w/one champion rising above all the current pretenders, er, contenders out there. oh, how i pray for that day to come soon! picture this...can you imagine a young talented fighter, who actually trains and comes in w/out a jiggly belly and weighs less than 230 lbs, who has good speed, good lateral movement, a modicum of defensive skills, and this is asking too much, has a personality and speaks w/some semblance of education and wit! i dream of such a fighter, i pray that he's already been born and is out there somewhere just waiting to get together w/a great, talented trainer and is getting ready to set the heavyweight division, and all of boxing, on fire! imagine the day!

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Yes, once Don King gives up his power or dies... then the sport will be desperate to be back in the limelight. The major titles will then unify in an attempt to generate money from Pay Per view events. Right now nobody gives a shite about boxing, but once there is only 1 title, it will be great again.

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Well alomg time ago they went by knock outs and now its more or less the hits and this I wish they had never changed it .

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