"Dream Bout" Jimmy Young vs Jerry Quarry - Hwy wt 15 rds, Who wins?


De La Hoya and Mayweather are on. Who's gonna win?

Quarry by dec.

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Depends on the stakes. If the loser has to face Muhammad Ali again, I'd say this would be a fight to the death. Neither one of these yo-yos were qualified to lick Ali's jockstrap.

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Interesting match. Quarry and Young both had the misfortune of fighting at a time when the heavyweight division was loaded. Young's intelligence and slick defense pays off in this fight. Young picks his spots to fight as a frustrated Quarry is unable to find him. Young wins by a comfortable unanimous decision.

So, How bout that hyped up, overrated fight between Ortiz and Shamrock on Saturday night? Thoughts? Opinions?

Hey Smiity this is an interesting bout. Quarry was a very good fighter with pretty good boxing ability and a good punch. He could also take a good shot but was prone to cuts. Young was a very elusive and clever boxer. I see this as a close fight with Young winning by a split decision.

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I agree with Toughguy, Young would have boxed his way to a close but unanimous decision win over a tough Quarry. Quarry would land some good shots and press the fight, but i think Young was to talented and fast for Quarry and he would've won going away.

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