"Dream Bout" D. Curry vs Breland?


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Both are accomplished fighters. Breland would have the height and reach advantage over Curry. Tough fight to pick simply for the fact that in hindsight we know both their vulnerablilities as fighters.Curry could be easy to hit with that stand up style and his failure to tuck his chin. I would pick Breland in a minor upset, split decision win.

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Good matchup Smitty! Breland definetly has the height and reach advantage in this bout but I believe that Curry was a better overall fighter. Assuming this is a 15 round fight I believe that several rounds would be very close in this boxing match of two skilled fighters with Curry coming on strong and landing a flurry of punches in the 12th round and forcing the referee to intervene.

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Interesting match.
Two guys who were supposed to be all time greats - Curry was actually ranked ahead of Hagler on the pound for pound list at one point - but instead were shot overnight.
Breland because his frame wasn't built for long fights and Curry because of the beating he took from Honeyghan.

Depends what part of their respective careers they fought. At their individual best, probably Curry, unless Breland caught him early.

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Curry, better punch would catch up with Breland.

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