Ab routine for boxing?

Question:I'm looking for advice to set up a home ab routine for training and just curious what others do. Medicine ball exercises are welcome too since I do own a 10 and a 12 lb ball.



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You could get someone to drop the medicine ball on your stomach and you tense it up. Also with a partner, you lay down and they push your legs to the floor, middle, right side, left side. Don't let your legs touch the floor and bring them back up to your partner.

Otherwise, do situps, crunches, side crunches (ankles off the floor), alternating situps (elbow to knee), knee extensions (like sideways V-sits-on your side, arm resting on floor, other arm on side of head, elbow to knee), bicycle/scissors/leg circles (put hands under bum or do punchouts), V-sits, while laying down legs 2" from floor/45 degrees/90 degrees (put hands under bum), toe touches (legs in air alternate touching toes), and push ups (alternate position-low, med, high), end with the bridge (for at least 2 minutes working toward 3 minutes and more). I'd do at least 70% of what I've listed here in my workout.

Do lots of push ups, maybe mixed in with your reps of skipping during one of your 30 second breaks.

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