A Boxers Amatuer Record!?

Can someone give me a link or website to find out about a Boxer name "Donald Orr"?I need his "Amatuer Record". He is a Middleweight from Canada. Thank you very much!


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does eh fight here or in canada?

i dont know about canada, but here, your not going to have much luck if he is still an amatuer. records are kept only by usa boxing, and in the form of the passbook, unless he made the national team... you would have to find whrere he boxes, then find the boxing commission. that oversees that area, they should have a list of fighters if it wasnt that long ago, but there is no place where you can just go and see all amatuer records.

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Go to a website where the local paper is and ask them if they ever carried any stories about him...if not, check the library for their archives...good luck

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