All time great? Could Mayweather beat Leonard, Hearns, Duran, Pryor, Arguello, or even Shane Mosley?


Can you name all four boxers who went undefeated in their career?

Ahhhhh the nostalgic bandwagon fans are out in droves I see....of course. Mayweather's arrogance has cost him much deserved credit and respect because instead of being considered an all time great (which he is) people see him as a boring, defensive minded, flash in the pan (which he isn't). Arguello wouldnt have touched him, Leonard at 147 was great but it would have been a tough fight and could go either way, Hearns would have KO'ed him, and Aaron Pryor..I think Aaron Pryor, although not the boxer Pretty Boy is, was so difficult to fight and so strong, that I could see him roughing up Lil Floyd and taking a close decision. Mayweather has the skills to have done well in any era. He is a throwback fighter. He isn't a one punch KO guy who comes in there and just whacks away at his opponent. He studies his opponent, shows a masterful defense in countering, and exhibits a ring generalship we havent seen since Bernard Hopkins. At 147-154 Floyd would have frustrated Duran and taken him to school (at 135 I would take Duran in 15 rds.). Mosley I used to think had the style to beat Floyd but after seeing him lose to Forrest and Wright, I think he just lacks the heart to beat Floyd. So I would have to take Floyd Jr.. in that one as well (note: Shane is fast but no way is he faster than Floyd Jr.).

Who is better at boxing?

mayweather would not have been a champion in that era of boxing. outside of shane mosley your talking about champions, great champions who would have knocked pretty boy out. no way he could have been a top ranked contender then. there were to many goood fighters that did not make the cut because of the leonards,hearns,durans,arguell... pryors. he could not knock oscar out, a fighter that fights on occassions. maybe he won maybe he didn't, his record do not reflect his all time greatness though.

Boxing Question?

Mayweather didn't even beat de la Hoya.

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Hard to say, but hes up there

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Mayweather would have his hands full with mosley, or even a rematch with de lahoya. Those other guys like Duran, Leonard, Pryor, and Arguello had the advantage of fighting MUCH tougher competition. (I think De la hoya is right when he said that he was Mayweathers first A class opponent. but has beat 3 B class opponents.)

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Depends on the weight. At 147lbs it's a no brainer..Leonard, Hearns beat PBF. Hell at that weight, Leonard and Hearns finish him off early.

Duran was actually a bad a** lightweight.but tough. He would get an easy 15 round decision over of a guy like PBF even at 147 lbs. Can you imagine the effects of punching Duran only 10 times a round? Duran would probably think he was on vacation.

Mosley....will take him on points. He's got the speed to cause PBF points problems over 12 rounds. Where DLH failed, Mosley would not.

Pryor and Arguello never fought effectively at 147lbs. But both were definitely more tested than PBF. Pryor had a granite chin. Arguello tested it plenty of times. At 135-140lbs....both beat PBF.

If PBF starts taking chances and fighting the guys that are out there...maybe people will begin to think differently

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i dont see any on the list he could beat ,not even mosley.he might give arguello trouble with his speed for a while but arguellos excellent timing would eventually catch him. no way mayweather ever get respect with his style. he is not a search and destroy fighter like the ones on your list.

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NO. Absolutely not. They are LEGENDS and the fight game was different then. Some of those guys finsihed fights off of pure heart.

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the answer is No!

Who is better?

all time greatest hands down pound for pound Roy Jones Jr.

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Mayweather is a great fighter and would have done well in any era.

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To me, 1 out 6 of them will lose by decision to Floyd. The other 5 will either give him a close fight or give him a boxing lesson. In terms of ranking them all time great, I rank Mayweather to be 5th place out of them and Duran to be 1st place.

Archie Moore vs. Roy Jones Jr. who wins?

No to all 6. Not even close.

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He could've beaten Arguello and maybe Mosley. He likely loses to the rest of them. I personally pick Shane at LW both in their primes. he loses badly to Leonard and Hearns, and loses a good but taxing fight to Duran. Pryor simply has too much pressure for him.

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