Any tips on how to start with my hanging boxing heavy bag?

I love to run but my knees can't take it anymore so a friend let me borrow his heavy bag and wrist wraps and gloves. He showed me HOW to hit it without hurting my wrists but I don't know where to start as far as how to use it and I am too shy to ask him. Any ideas?


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Make sure you wrap wrists in the correct fashion. Have your friend show you. Then, you can start by stretching. You should learn the correct boxing stance, depending on what you are leading with. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, bend your knees a little, tip your body forward slightly. Make fists with your hands and put your thumbs on the outside of your hands. Now, if you are right handed, step forward with your left foot and turn your right foot at a slight angle to the right. You would do the opposite if you are left handed. Raise your fists to about chin hight.

Try a few jabs. These are always thrown with your left hand if you are right handed. Jabs come from the shoulder. Try and connect with the bag with your arm parallel to the ground, extended straight out. The most powerful parts of your hand are the index and middle fingers.

A power punch is thrown with your right hand if you are right handed. A right cross is thrown by turning your body from the right to left if you are right handed, thereby putting your weight behind it. A cross is similar to a jab in that it is thrown straight out. Make sure and turn your body. If you do it correctly, you will feel the muscles in your calves start to strain.

There are also uppercuts and hooks but a beginner should learn the jab and cross first. Try mixing it up. Throw two or three quick jabs and couple crosses in a combo. Always make sure to bring your arm all the way back before throwing the next punch. If you are throwing a right/left combo, the other arm should be coming out just as the previous one is pulling back for maximum speed.

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