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Omg!!!1 who is going to win oscar or floyd?//?

AGREE!He was a man to b e admired. He knew exactly how to answer a question with his own little twist or insight to whatever the particular subject may have been. He was respectful but if you crossed him then his natural born fighting spirit would come out. He had brothers here. Men he held in high regard. He referred to them as such. Not everyone who he answered a question from was one of those brothers but he thanked everyone for their questions and treated them with respect. His very last few days were spent right here answering question reaching out to offer something to somebody that he didn't want to take to the other side. His vast knowledge of Boxing is unprecedented and never will be matched. His record of best answers here will surely be broken probably by you Smitty but his class demeanor can never be matched.
i call on everyone to take the time out to read all of his answers as i have and then and only then can you grasp what a mind for the fight game this man had. Everyone who visits this site should call on Yahoo to pay tribute to him.
i was too late to reach out to him and pick his brain. i wrote to him one time and asked him a few questions. He was quick to compliment you Brent Bluedevil Blogbaba and Flif but he made me feel as if he had known me for years and no question I asked did he hesitate to answer.
i can only sit back and wonder what he was like in real life. What a treasure it would have been to sit there and talk to him over a cup of coffee. What inside stories he could have shared. He had been a fighter almost his entire life and he fought with dignity and honor to the very end. This man was brave he was no coward as one of the top ten boxing answerers called him and he was honest not a liar like this very same person accused him of being. He was your brother Smitty and Brents Blogbaba's Bluedevil's and Flif's i didn't recieve that honor from him but I can honestly say without a doubt that I grew to love this man in a very short time and i will always protect and honor his name from the spineless people in this forum who attacked him.

I want to train like a professional boxer?

Wish I knew the guy. Sounds like everyone here really liked him.

Just wrote you an email. Maybe you'll reconsider whether or not I know about boxing*s* Just a misunderstanding I suppose.

Salvadore Sanchez vs Ruben Olivares. Who wins?

your exactly right a matter of fact he may have more intellgence on boxing than theese two guys. burt sugar is good and has that old skool type of acting you know but Santana had that two and even more. Santana was king of boxing answers for surea and his legacy will never be beaten and plus if he was out there in the public eye he could have been a top sportswriter and corrospondate on like espn or hbo you know he was a true legend and had amazing knowlege for boxing and a storied career himself.
R.I.P. Santana

How much of an interest did Thomas Edison have in boxing?

He answered my questions I asked with great knowledge and honesty. I give the man much respect even I would have never personally e-mailed him or met him in person... R.I.P.

Who is tired of Mayweather running his mouth?

I agree with you on this one Smitty as Santana D certainly had a vast knowledge of boxing and I was always amazed at how thorough, accurate, and respectful his answers were on this forum. Not only that, he was a very likeable guy that never imposed his opinions on others. He is absoulutely the greatest that this forum has ever seen and I always had a lot of admiration for the man. He was very intelligent without a doubt.

What haappend to the prince nahma wtv his name was?

Completely disagree. This is the guy who didn't have Pacquiao as a top 10 boxer because he was unorthodox. He said he was a great fighter, not boxer, well if he's in the sport of boxing and he beats the best, he's a great boxer. Were Armstrong or Pryor, etc. not great boxers? He also said this yet didn't have Mayweather in his top 10 either despite being the best P4P boxer alive, and very orthodox. The guy didn't show me anything but that, and I wasn't impressed.

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