Any body gonna watch the oscar de la hoya vs mayweather?

im goin for oscar viva la raza


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Hellz yeah... Oscar all the way... Mayweather is arrogant and I just hate his demeanor... But he is also undefeated... Its a great fight but Oscar is gonna hurt him... If he catches him...

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I like maywether he is cocky. Just like Ali was. He will determine de la Hoya style and just keep blocking. Plus he is 1000 years younger than de la Hoya. And is way to fast. de la Hoya won't see him coming. I do like de la Hoya but I like Maywether way more! GO PRETTY BOY FLOYD!

Did you purposely not buy the Delahoya fight from last Sat. since you knew HBO would rerun it tonight?

If you dont watch this fight you a nobody!! I love OScar and I hope he wins, but it will be a uphill battle!! Mayweather is a great fighter and maybe the best of this generation, but hell yeah am go watch it!!

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Yep I'll be witching. It's great because it's not on PPV in the UK. Downside is it's on at 2am.

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oh yeah it will be on my t.v wish i lived in the uk save about 60$,i'm a pretty boy fan i think he is to quick for old *** oscar its funny cause my husband is an oscar fan and i'm a floyd fan but i like the cocky ones another fav is bhop and zab judah love it can't wait til may 5th

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Where have you been? You must have just join this column? This fight is the biggest question asked and being answered. I will be watcher and a fan of both fighters. I want to see an exciting fight, not something overhyped. You have my eyes on this fight on May 5th.

I've Been BOxing For A few weeks...?

I would love to watch the fight, please tell me, where, when, time.

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