Annoying Kid?

Theres this really annoying kid in my school. Were both popular. I black and hes italian. Hes always sayin racial crap at me and i really wanna fight him i really think i can kick his *** and otha ppl think i can but i my closest friends think he would beat me up. I just wanna know how would i knock him out with one punch? To the jaw any particular part of tha body if newun can help me out thank alot


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Don't listen to these guys, crack him right in the jaw if you're under 18, and do it a couple of times in succession hard so you can be sure he will be out. If the kid tries to press charges, everyone will know what a ** he is, and you probably won't get into too much trouble what with you being underage and all. So go for it!

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First things first, the blogbaba doesn't condone violence in schools, and I have to tell you, it is wrong to simple crack a guy just cause you don't like him. That said, I must tell you again, Bruce Lee's art of fighting without fighting is always better than a physical confrontation. If it comes to blows, make sure you are acting in self defense, nobody, not even the blogbaba likes a bully. That said, the point of the chin is a great place to land your first punch, the blogbaba doesn't like racial crap, and the point of the chin will end that B.S. real quick.

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This is only for discussion about the history of boxing and training techniques in boxing. No advice about fighting someone because he taunts you at school.

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Kill him with kindness. It will absolutely get under his skin because you are not reacting the way he wants you to. Smile and be polite, hold the door open for him, go out of your way to be overly nice to him.

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Avoid getting into a fight with him and ignore him and certainly don't get into a fight at school where you will get into big trouble even if you win the fight. If you just have to fight him, put on the gloves at a local gym and duke it out until you are both too exhausted to continue. That should get it out of both of your systems.

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attack him and knock him out, you go to prison or juvie prison; he gets sympathy. he wins. as others have said, violence should be a last resort and used in self defence.

that said, should push come to shove so to speak; if he's a typical italian he'll either be tougher'n he looks or be too bothered about his looks to put up much fight.

n.b. either the jaw, the bridge of the nose or the temple - though the jaw's safest since you've much less chance of causing long-term damage. hit straight and snappy and keep your wrist bent down slightly or you're in risk of damaging it. but gain, that said, should things resort to violence, much more effective would be to practice perhaps jiu-jitsu or the like and have him submit. he'd be less likely to want to try again in such a situation.

but again... please do try to resolve the situation without using violence.

heck, there were a bunch of idiots who used to make monkey noises at me and call me names wheever i went to the local shops... sure, I was tempted to beat the snot out of them and it would have been pretty satisfying. but I'd have gone to prison for it and have a criminal record. as it is, i havent seen them in ages, so chances are they got arrested for something and had ASBOs slapped on them. plus they were the ones who looked like a bunch of retards, not me.

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I agree with bluedevil completely . I suggest you follow his good advice.

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