About boxing?

Can someone teach me the basics of boxing or a WEbsite?


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The blogbaba came up poor and hard. We didn't have access to gym's that taught boxing, and we had to improvise with what was available. Instead of a heavy bag, we hit telephone poles to toughen our hands and hung plastic milk jugs filled with water from ropes to hit as a means of perfecting that snap at the end of a punch. Break a plastic milk jug full of water with a jab, and your like Qui Khain Kane snatching the pebble from the masters hand on the tv show Kung Fu. We ran more than Forrest Gump, I actually ran down a meadow lark one time and caught the damn thing with my hands. Chased than bird for miles before he fell out.

Times have changed, and the blogbaba is a relic. Websites were something spiders made when I was a kid, people had shoes than could be shined, and we called them "fighters" not boxers. I was part of a mob of about two or three dozen kids, and we were all grabbing Ali's hands and swinging from his arms as he walked down our street towards a Mosque in our neighborhood. I remember how huge his hands seemed at the time, and how I thought "wow, the champ is so cool", I couldn't have been more than eight or nine. I'm forty seven now, and I ran into Ali a few years back at a boxing match, he was slowed by Parkinson's but still in there. Great guy, great man, the greatest boxer we will ever see.

Basics? Boxing is controlled, sustained, focused and applied violence. Physically you must be hard and have the cardiovascular stamina to sustain a level of violence that transends most start and stop sports. Sure that last 5% is mental, but being in better physical condition than the other guy is what determines the outcome of most boxing matches, so fist thing you need to do is want to win bad enought to get in shape. Here are the basics.

1 = Jab.

1-2 = Jab, right hand

You build off that and add punches that work, in combination, everything flows from the basic 1-2. Add a left hook or an upper cut off it, and that is as basic as it gets.

Heart is as important as physical conditioning, and it is sometimes mistaken for that "superior mental attitude" or "mental toughness" that makes the difference between two well conditioned fighters, but it is not the same thing. A good trainer can teach a fighter superior mental attitude. Heart is something you are born with, you either have it our you don't. You know what it is, you don't need someone to explain it to you, when you see it, you reconize it.

If you get lucky, and you are serious about it, you might find a trainer who will teach you the basics. Start hitting the local gyms and become a gym rat. Many years after I met Ali the first time, our city funded a gym for a while, and a few of us got a leg up. It closed decades ago, but if you look around, I am sure such places still exist. I wish you the best of luck, and thanks for the question, it brought back memories.

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An experienced trainer can teach you to box. Go to your local boxing gym. When there talk to a trainer.

Why are the jab and cross the most important punches in boxing?

Start with finding a gym where you live and find a trainer who is deadicted to the sport to train you. www.boxinggyms.com has a listing of gyms around the U.S.

Good Luck

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Go to a local boxing gym. Be careful it can get rough, what I mean is there are always profressional boxers looking for sparring partners. Don't get into the ring with these guys until you can defend yourself. If you can find another beginner then work out and spar with him at first.

I used to go to my friends house where he taught me. I had a group of guys I boxed with and most were friendly. Get some headgear and a mouth piece. Always wrap your hands first thing when you get to the gym and wear mitts when working on the heavy bag.

I need some tips for boxing!?

Simply remember one major rule. Punch any where aslong as it's above the belt. Go for three places on the body. The ribs, the nose and the chin. Some times it is a wise move to aim for the ear. This is beacuse it can easily knock your opponent off balance. (the ear being the ceantral place where balance is controlled in the human body.) Go to a gym and improve on your strength then find a good trainer and slowly but shureley you'll make your way to professional level.

Im gonna be boxing this weekend?

I agree with above, if you really want to box, goto a gym, but if you just want the basics

shows you how to box

Various Principles

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