A fight that almost materialized in 1978....?

Question:This fight almost came off, it would have been a good one.
What if Danny "Little Red" Lopez had fought Wilfredo Gomez for Lopez's featherweight title. Who would have won?


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Yeah a great fight but Gomez tended to get beaten by the bigger men who overwhelmed and overpowered him. When he was younger maybe but that fight with Salvador Sanchez took a lot out of him and he was never the same. I would have gone for Gomez but for one reason. Danny Little Red Lopez was the featherweight champion bigger and just as tough as him. He would have forced the fight and I see Danny winning by late round stoppage.

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stop living in the past, man. It's 2007 - get a life!

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Good fight, both men with good punching power and heart. I would give the edge to Gomez by late round TKO due to the fact that Lopez does cut easy, and that would lead to a referee stoppage by round 13.

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these two were both very good fighters. i would have to take Gomez for a couple of reason. Gomez was the better boxer good movement nice hand speed and descent power in both hands. Lopez was a good fighter in you're face type fighter pressing the fight, but would not be able to keep up with Gomez. Cutting is a big deal in this fight.
Gomez in 8

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gomez would box lopez and break him down in mid rounds. lopez only chance would be if gomez got cocky like he tended to do at times and stood there and traded punches. good response to n. in 2007 there are no good matchups but a few.

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Brent this is a great matchup sir and it's too bad it never materialized. This is definetly a bout that could have went either way as they were probably about equal in punching power and it could have been a matter of who caught who first. I believe that Gomez has better ring movement and is faster. I see a lot of action and a lot of toe to toe exchanges in a very thrilling fight with momentum changes throughout. As hard as it may be to believe based on their punching power, the fight goes the distance with Gomez declared the winner by a close but unanimous decision. Great fight and great question.

Note: Wouldn't it be great if folks like n would stay off these forums as they clearly show their ignorance.

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i dont think it would have went 15 ,both fighters action fighters .gomez was a better boxer ,i think it would be back and forth momentum until end.probably gomez winning because he would land more punches to make a late round stoppage.

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Great match up, too bad it never happened. Blogbaba gotta go with the crowd on this one. Wilfredo Gomez was a tough customer. Thumbs up to Devon and bluedevil, again the blogbaba answers late, after several quality answers beat him to the punch. Who ever n is, he got a rare thumbs down from the blogbaba for ignorance.

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Check my ID....Gomez. Surprisingly though, I don't think this would have been some kind of a blow out for Gomez. I would have back then. Salvador Sanchez made quick work of Gomez, but Danny stuck it out twice with Sanchez. He got KO'd both times.but he lasted longer than Gomez.

Gomez..maybe a late TKO but likely a win on points. Lots of blood.

Would have been good.

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danny little red lopez, salvador sanchez, eusebio pedroza, azumah nelson take your pick pick... nelson and sanchez already beaten gomez, what do you think lopez and pedroza would do to him.

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