Any thoughts on best Defense in Boxing? Floyd or Winky? Video!?

Question:Im trying to figure out who has the best defense in boxing...

The two in the video have completely diff styles but both are VERY effective.any thoughts?


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Winky used to be the best. His awkward style was amazingly difficult for sparring to emulate. But, he's opened up recently, apparently to attract fans. Mayweather has stayed consistent with his "shoulder defense" style. Today, Mayweather's defense is superior.

I know styles make fights, is there a fighter in any era who would have beat Ali consistantly?

Honestly Maywhether techniques are better, even though there were no punches landing with winky either. The reason why is because maywhether was slipping the blows whereas winky was blocking them, both techniques will work, but slipping the blows keeps your opponent from hitting you at all, whereas with winky's technique the arms get hit.

Maywhether is the most like Ali also

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Best defense would have to go to WINKY WRIGHT. the reason for this is simply answered by watching the WRIGHTvsTRINIDAD fight. i dont think any serious punches penetrated.

as for mayweather... he's just too quick to get hit. but i'm still goin for DE LA HOYA when they fight May 5th.

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