I often wondered why Foreman never got around to having a bout with Oscar Bonavena. They seemed evenly matched regarding power, skills & over all ring savy. One scarred of the other? Rumors were floating around back then but nothing came out of it. Whats your take on it? Foreman or Bonavena?


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Blogbaba gives bundini a thumbs up, I agree Big George would have been too much for Bonavena. Oscar was a solid boxer and it took Ali almost a full 15 rds to wear him down. It would have taken Forman a lot less to do the same.

George by KO in 6

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Foreman would win had they fought. Bonavena was a courageous and tireless fighter who'd always come right at his opponent. He was willing to get hit just to be able to come inside and start banging at his opponent. However, Foreman is simply too powerful for him. Before Oscar could get to him, he'd get smothered by Foreman's barrage, one of which would surely knock him down. He'd get up for sure, but around 3 or 4 knockdowns later it would be over.

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Oscar was much stronger than people realize. Foreman would not be able to overpower the awkwardly powerful Bonavena like he did everyone else. This would be irresistable force(Foreman) vs immovable object(Bonavena). Like Ron Lyle, Oscar would not be afraid of Foreman and would hit George back- HARD. I disagree with the previous poster that GF would smother him because OB was strong enough and hit hard enough to make Big George respect him. In 1971 both Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali called Oscar Bonavena their toughest opponent(as would Ron Lyle later). That's high praise.

George can only win if he gets Ringo out of there in the first 5 rounds. George tended to get weaker as a fight progressed whereas Oscar got stronger. If it goes more than 5 Ringo scores a KO.

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