Any good boxing combos?


Tyson vs marciano?

Step in left hook, str8 right, left hook, str8 right, roll out to the left. That is my favorite combo.

What time is the de la hoya and mayweather fight in TEXAS?

Yea,try this

Jab> Jab> Right> Left Hook

Did fernando vargas ever get knocked to the canvas prior to his loss to felix trinadad?

The 'ol 1-2 combo. (Left and Straight Right Hand)

But Im also a fan of the "double left hook." AKA a Left Hook to the head (The opponent will then block his head) leaving the body open so you can follow up with a Left Hook to the body.

JC Chavez was the master of this combo. = )

Joe Frazier vs Lennox Lewis. Who wins?

I'm personally obsessed with jab,cross,left hook then jab out.

Is it worth it?

Left hook follow through and then using the motion as a windup to do a right upper. Left jab to right straight stressing follow through of the jab to close your chest to allow even more power for the right straight to give when opening your chest. Left jab-left jab-right straight-left upper-right upper-left hook. A good generalization for combos is alternating arms using the turning motion from the punch before to generate more power. The left jab is usually the only one repeated because it has the longest reach, is the fastest, and keeps your oppenent at bay, its also very easy to combo.

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