A thank you to Yahoo boxing and those who loved Santana D?

Ric is right, the ratings are meaningless, but Santana is right where he belongs. Looking down on the rest of us from above. Santana D was the reason I started frequenting sports1234.com boxing site and in the short time I knew him, I grew to love the guy. R.I.P. brother you will be missed.


Is shadowboxing good exercise?

We all have been touched by this man in such a positive way. He taught all of us that you can be a great person no matter what life throws at you. I learned so much from this man that i feel like i've known him all my life. He had that kind of effect on people. We now have to keep up the respectfulness and kindness toward each other on here, bnecause that's what Santana D was all about. We can all agree to disagree, but let's do it with respect, class, and dignity, the 3 things that describe Santana the most. We love you my brother, R.I.P, you defenitely will be missed and Yahoo boxing will never, ever, be the same.

Any suggestions on beginning boxing workouts?


IS THE MOVIE ROCKY BASED ON A BOXER from philadephi8a pa?

Santana was a good freind and is the chief of yahoo boxing so yes he is looking down on us and hes in abetter place.

Fight Night Round 3 Ratings Question?

Thank you so much sir for saying this. Santana D. was a good man and really knew his boxing! He gave the most intelligent and thorough answers and you are right as he certainly deserved to be at the top. I emailed him several times personally to compliment him and he was always nice and respectful to me too and I appreciated his vast knowledge of boxing. But not only that, I also considered him a friend on here and a good man too.

If youre not a boxer by "nature" and you become a pro will you still be good?

I can say the man gave me advise when I needed it, and answered the questions I posted with much information to learn and respect. I will miss his great opinions on the art of sweet science...

R.I.P. Santana D

Question to Brent, Smitty, Toughguy, Pancho, LLV, cj, Brad, ap and keith ?

I only knew SANTANA for a short while...He was in my eyes...a fountain of Boxing knowledge...and a genuine good guy...Asking after my children...and my own well being...and i didn't even know he was sick.he never said...that's the mark of the man.i feel we had so many more debates to have...Alas they will never happen..

RIP Santana...

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