A prime Suger Ray Leonard Vs Floyd Mayweather jr?

These two i felt had the same style some what.Ray is a ledgend beating the best that eara had to offer,and then you got Floyd Mayweather jr who is slick and hard to hit give me a good answer this one looks good.


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Leonard's punching power is often overlooked, and, hard as Floyd is to hit with Leonard's quick fists and hand to eye coordination he would start to find Floyd with some solid punches as early as the 3rd round. I'm sure Floyd would be able to find some of his own, but Leonard could take a punch (remember Duran didn't knock him out ). Floyd would be getting hit much more often than he is used to, and wouldn't enjoy the massive advantage in hand speed that's got him out of trouble on occasion. Battling Floyd to be KO'd in the 9th.

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Ray would have been a little too big for Floyd I think. At his peak Ray at least as fast as Floyd & Shane, but everyone underestimated Ray Leonards power, Ray had a great left hook. I think given that Ray beat the likes of Duran, Hagler and Hearns, Floyd would be in over his head against Ray.

Sugar Ray Leonard by KO in 10

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Sugar Ray Leonard vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. hummmm?
This fight would not be to Floyd's level as in power. Yes speed is there in both fighters, but Mayweather's greatest knockouts came when he 130. Leonard is underestimated in power which he displayed on his first WBC title defense when he knocked out Dave Green with a beautiful four punch combination, the best punch combo in Ray's career.

Sugar Ray Leonard in 8.

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I think Sugar Ray would have destroyed Mayweather. Look at the wars Sugar ray was in. He beat the best some of the best fighters of all time, not just his era. He beat the Hit Man, Marvelous, and Mr. No Mas. For god sakes he made a legend say no mas. Who has Mayweather beaten. The only way he is going to beat Oscar is by running. If he trades he will get smoked. he is not even close to Sugar Rays level! However, Mayweather may have made it to the end of the fight because he would have ran like a little b i t c h!

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Put it this way - can you picture Mayweather beating Marvin Hagler?

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Mayweather no doubt about it.

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sugar ray by 2rd round knockout.remember Floyd mayweather senior got man handle by sugar ray,and senior is bigger than Jr.and they both have the same genes.

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Not close Sugar Ray Lenoard

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Do you know what smitty and brad say it best put that chump in with any of the great middles of all time and he gets destroyed, ray was a better welter but he ko's pbf without even much of a contest, and hagler dont even get me started.

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