A personal tribute from me to Santana D.........

Question:As i sit down to type this, i'm struggling to hold my tears in. This shows you the effect that this man had on me without even meeting him. I had the pleasure of conversating with him through emails and we talked boxing all the time. I learned so much from this respectful and knowledgeable man, and i am truly honored to say the he touched my life. Santana, this is for you:

You made it easy to get through a hard day,
When i read your Q & A's , they often made me say,

This man is so respectful, so humble, so smart.
This man knows his boxing, he sees that it's an art,

From you my brother, i have learned a great deal,
Upon learning that you're gone, i can't describe how i feel,

Though we never met in person, i'm still very sad,
But i had the privlige to know you, and for that i'm glad,

Yahoo boxing has lost a brother, that we all know and love,
Have a peaceful journey, up to Heaven above.

God Bless you Santana D.
R.I.P my brother.


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Oh my god Pancho! This is the most beautiful thing i've ever read! I am crying so much that i can hardly use this keyboard. This is a wonderful tribute to a guy that made us all better people. Pancho, i'm sure that Santana is smiling down on you for writing this, this is just plain beautiful, no other way to describe it. Where i come from, you don't see many men expressing their feelings like that. Pancho, you are truly a REAL MAN!

Goodbye Santana! Rest in Peace babe!

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Feeling your pain Pancho.Its so Fcuking sad.RIP Santana...
Fitting tribute to a Gentleman and my only friend on sports1234.com .Im gutted...Never knew he was sick...

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Thank you! You said that very well in tribute to our brother on here. Santana is gone but certainly not forgotten. He was no doubt the king of this forum and a good man. I never met him either but I considered him my friend and most definetly a very smart man and a class act too! I agree with you and I also say God Bless you Santana D and rest in peace my brother.

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thank you so much for honoring mine and your freind. he was such a special and kind man. hes in a better place now and i know theres a boxing ring there. he made me feel better on rainy days, and made me want to become a top answer on boxing. R.I.P. my brother and my sorrow to the family of Santana who is loved so much by the people at Yahoo Boxing.
Thanks for the tribute

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That's so touching. What a lovely thought. I never knew Santana D but, judging by his profile and all your comments, he was a great guy and a credit to this site. It's very sad what has happened. Take care folks. x

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That is soooo sweet,,,,,,,,,,

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I didn't know him either but I'm very sad to hear the news. RIP.

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RIP. Horrible news.

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Pancho your the man exactly right i have always thought that i knew my stuff but have always knew that santana always knew more and waited in anticipation to see what the great man and answerer would say, i know as well that like your self that we have had boxing experience in the past but it just seemed that he knew how to put it better than anyone else a true warrior that will be sorely missed.

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i am relatively new to sports1234.com ...so i have no idea who you are talking about (i thought it was a post about Santana, the singer)...i am so sorry for all of your loss :( sounds like a really nice person.

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Dude, that was so cool! I enjoyed Santana D's q&a's and he was a very smart dude. He surely knew his boxing and he was a respectful dude as well. I haven't really been on here all that long, but i know who the good people are, and Santana was certainly one of them, and so are you Pancho. Thanks for such a nice tribute to a cool person. RIP Santana D. Thanks for all you gave to this boxing forum!

Much respect to you Pancho!

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