All the talk about the Floyd Mayweather Jr, De La Hoya fight, Do anyone have any thoughts on Cotto vs Juda?

Its going to be a good 1


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I think the Cotto v. Judah fight will be a great fight that will impact the welter-weight and middle weight boxing scene in the future.

Cotto is a great boxer who is out to show the world why many believe that he will potentially be the top pound for pound boxer in the future. This is a kid from Puerto Rico who is willing to take on all challengers.

While in pros, he shown that he can beat those that even beat him in the amateurs and the olympics. For instance, Pinto beat him while he was a kid in the amateurs, but Cotto beat him in the pros and knocked him out and took his title. Mohammed Abdulaev beat him in the Olympics but Cotto knocked Abdulaev out in the pros.

In addition, he is a man who fights on the eve of the Puerto Rican parade in New York, City and wins!

Zab Judah always proves that he has allot of growing up to do. First he throws a chair at the referee Jay Nady after some would argue that Nady stopped the Judah/Kosta Tszyu fight too soon (I thought it was good stop because Judah could not walk 2 steps without stumbling across the ring after Tszyu knocked him down). Then he punched Mayweather below the belt, started a brawl, and punced Roger Mayweather in back of his head.

I'm a big fan of Judah and I think he is a dangerous fighter in the first 3 -4 rounds. He is powerful, quick, and can be carelessly, yet effectively mean in the ring. But sometimes he lacks focus. In the Reggie Green fight, the ref had to tell Judah to pick up the pace in the later rounds!

I know the fight will be in Judahs back yard since he is from Brooklyn. And I know he doesn't want to lose in front of his hometown fan at the Madison Square Garden the same way he lost to the underdog Baldomir there.

But I think Cotto has too many weapons for Judah.


cotto has more sanitation to lose because juda did not hit floyd low

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Juda is gonna win
so is Mayweather

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I think Cotto by knockout. judah has a weak chin, look at the Ktsyu tszu fight

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I think Cotto is too strong for Judah, I figure Judah will take the early rounds, but eventually Cotto will get to him.

Cotto by Ko in 10

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Blogbaba you called it. I think Cotto will come from behind and possibly off the canvas to come back and KO Super Judah!

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Juda is done. The days of superjuda are over Cotto will beat him UD. It won't be close. Somewhere Juda lost that speed that made him an elite fighter. Cotto is a perfect technical fighter that has one weakness ....lack of world class speed. He will never be in a"superfight" the first elite fighter like Mosely of Maywheather will beat him.

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