Any weight traing that could help u in boxing?

Question:i'm 15 and just started boxing (for about 1 month)

are there any weight training exercises i could use to help me box?

i know sit ups and catching the heavy ball with ur stomach are a couple...


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Besides the core strength you mentioned (also try using an ab wheel), you need to develop your legs, that's where you'll get alot of your power. Do squats and deadlifts and calf raises (though jumping rope will be good for your calves). Any pushing exercises, especially the bench press, are gonna develop the muscles you'll need to hit harder. Also go for neck strength - you'll need it when you get hit in the head. Neck bridges are good for that.

Don't go too heavy or focus too much on the weights yet. Your body is going to be taking some major abuse from the heavy bag and everything else - you'll hurt yourself real fast. (I developed arthritis in my shoulder from mixing power lifting with boxing)

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I did boxing too ! Now I am going for Muay Thai !

I always tried stuff from

Good Luck.

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you seemed to answer your own question, the word is "any' Dumb bells, i that one knee up on the bench, and you lift the dumb bell from the floor, really good, gives you alot of chest in no time

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i know this is simple, but just try boxing with dumbbells. CAREFULLY!!

just grab 2 seven (or more) pounders and shadow box. it helps build strength first off. but it also builds speed and control since you have to concentrate and control your heavy hands (punch with precision and return your hands to your body quickly, DON'T just carelessly swing your arms... that won't help anything except your chances for a hole in the wall!!)

How can I train myself for boxing?

Weights are a part of training, but only a part. Don't neglect fundamentals, gym work, and the rest.

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