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What are a must for boxing?

You really got a point there. They just don't seem to have the interest in it all that much. My uncles boxed back in the 70's and 80's, and my cousin is a fighter now, so i kinda grew up with the sport. Plus back in the day you had access to boxing on network tv almost every weekend so it was easy to follow the sport. I think the young kids today are more into b-ball, football and hip-hop more than anything.

Any MALES whos ever punched or ever been punched by someone in the abs?

Agree totally

Does anyone know the name of this dvd box set?

I agree that most young people don't know much of boxing.

I'm 16 and don't know jack about boxing, I don't want to ether. The same would go with a good 96% of the people i know. It's not something I'm interested in so why would I look it up on the Internet. Now if your talking baseball... then that's a different story

Glen Johnson vs. Montell Griffin what do you expect and with Diaconu and Dawson is the Lt Hvywt div back?

We lived it, to us it's part of our personalities. To the youngsters, it just doesn't mean that much, they have other concerns, stuff they think is important that we could care less about. It's almost a generational gap or something. The blogbaba don't like to admit it, but we are old men, and these computers are the fires we sit beside, trading stories of our youth. They on the other hand are living their's and making memories.

Gotta agree with you, the youngsters seem to lack the depth of knowledge age brings, google is the smartest guy they know, and he answers all their questions.

For anyone who owns The jordan boxer boxing shoes?

It is not just boxing, they have little knowledge of anything; geography, history, politics, current events. Leno and others make jokes by asking people on the street simple questions and then laughing at their ignorance.

Is Prince Naseem Hamid retired?

Smitty ~

Very true Brother. It's just not here in Yahoo, it's everywhere concerning the younger generation. It's just a sign of the times. Do you know that a survey was conducted three weeks ago among inner city seniors and 4 out of 5 students didn't know what significant roll Malcolm, Bobby or Martin played in civil rights movement. That's 4 out of 5, and that's life not some meaningless forum about boxing.

In my opinion Smitty, I think that SOME of the younger people who frequent this section of (boxing) only know what they see on a screen be it a TV or computer. They never boxed or been to a boxing gym before. Their answers are usually the same with very little first hand knowledge of the sport. They can write about every boxing record there is. They can write about how many Knockouts their favorite fighter has. They could give you, me and eveyone else the skinny on every boxing book avalible, but can they write you about what's it's like to fight in front of thousands of people? Can they write to you how you get sick to your stomach after swallowing your own blood after having your nose broken in the first round? Or what it feels like to have the wind knocked out of you after being hit with a boby shot?

Some people Smitty only know what they read or see. Very few have lived.

Where can I find a boxing class in long beach, california?

Agreed Santana.

Ruben "Hurricane" Carter vs Tony Zale. Who wins?


My wrists are kind of skinny and i just want to ask if anyone knows how to make them thicker?

Smitty I very much agree with this as many of us have grown up thankfully in a great era of boxing and it really means something to us. I have had a long respect for the sport and have been keeping up with it for years and every weight class too. I still like to read the Ring magazine and anything that pertains to boxing and I don't think that the history is as appreciated by many of the younger boxing fans today although there are obviously some exceptions. I boxed some in the Navy years ago and I have a lot of respect for what fighters have to endure in the ring. Good question sir.

Where can i buy handwraps for boxing? (punchingbags)?

This is true Smitty. I dare not argue with the answers written above. I, for one, am part of the youth who lack the proper knowledge towards boxing. I only started following boxing when I saw my father's keen interest for the sport. He loves the sport. I am not very privileged since I grew up in a tainted era of boxing.
The main reason that I joined this forum is because I wanted to gain more knowledge of the sport, which some of you have provided me. I guess I should give credit to the experts of this forum since I have learned the sport of boxing and more. I thank you Santana D, I thank you Smitty, I thank you Bluedevil, I thank you Brent, and all of the other regulars here. Thank you all very much.

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