Ali vs their prime...who wins?


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Tyson is a big Loser

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Hard to say for sure,They had such contrasting styles.
I would have to say Tyson.That punching power he has is unreal.

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Samuel Peter?

Thank you for the 150,000th posting of the SAME QUESTION.

The answer is ALI

Sat. March 17th. Marco Antonio Barrera vs. Juan Manuel Marquez. Does Juan have a shot?

I'd like to say Ali. i don't know that I can. Tyson was incredible in his prime.

If Tyson could connect, he could win -- but Ali might be able to dance away & ire him out.

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Have you ever seen Ali vs. Liston I?
Ali would flat out beat the hell out of Tyson. Ali in a cake walk.

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Ali if you all don't know by now Muhammad Ali is not the greatets for no reason, he was very quick and hit really hard... "fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee" in all Ali would whoop tyson's *** even though Tyson was a good fighter.

How the hell did led ever beat kalule one of lifes mysterys?

Tyson in the third.

people give him a bad rap for his mistakes. But his physical fitness far exceeded any fighter before him. His aggressive style was developed from a young age. His talent far exceeded Joe Frasier and George Foreman.

Ali was amazing though. He took Sugar Ray Robinson's style and brought it to the heavyweights. After winning the Olympics he became the youngest world champion (until Tyson). Combined with his knockout power it's no wonder he is considered the greatest.

Most people think Ali would take Tyson the distance and win on points. But I have to be honest with today's fighters and all we know about training the human body these days Ali just would not dominate the way he did in his day, and the way Tyson did in his prime.

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Muhammad Ali would peck and poke and be no joke and win a one sided decision ove Iron Mike.

Who won dela hoya fight?

Tyson in his prime... no doubt. All you have to do is watch the tapes of these two. Ali was the luckiest boxer on earth... well... maybe not... look at him now.

Tyson destroyed people... Ali NEVER hurt people like Tyson did.

If those two ever fought. the only way Ali would win is if he ran from Tyson for 12 (oppps I mean 15) rounds. LMAO!

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Ali was only "GREAT" at saying that he is the greatest. Apparently some people here bought into the hype. Tyson in the mid-80s was less talk and more action. There has never been and probably never will be another prime Tyson. He was a machine in his prime. In a real fight both at their primes, Ali would talk a lot of smack leading up to the fight and Tyson would be relatively quiet. In the ring Ali would dance around throwing jabs and Tyson's peek-a-boo defense would be a huge foil to the outside potshotting. If Ali survives the counter, and tries the rope-a-dope as if Tyson was like Foreman, oh man, look out! Tyson can find the opening inside and unlike Foreman, Tyson would hit you with an 8 hit combo where all 8 hits are KO blows. Forget about this silly debate. People thought Michael Spinx was going to beat Tyson. How ridiculous.

If Angelo Dundee is in the boxing hall of fame, why isn't Cuyo Hernandez in the boxing Hall of Fame?

If a boxer of limited skills could outbox Tyson the way buster Douglas did, no wonder what Ali in his prime would do to him.

By the way, today's training regime would be available to Ali too; then, he would still prevail with his Superior intelligence and boxing skills

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Ali. he would've stopped Tyson inside of seven rounds.

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